Which Caribbean Islands to Visit in May

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Which Caribbean Islands to Visit in May

Posted on April 17. 2018

May is the perfect time of the year to visit the islands of the Caribbean. This is the month when the weather is not only tantalizing but perfect for a good time at the beach. It is also the month when exciting festivals bring great excitement and joy to many islands in the Caribbean region.

The May weather is great for the beach and swimming, plus the danger of hurricanes is significantly reduced. Oh, and did we mention that the accommodation rates are unbelievably low and you get to enjoy a myriad of amazing events?

Below are the five best Caribbean islands to visit in May.

The British Virgin Islands


Which Caribbean Islands to Visit in May

This is one of the beautiful Islands that you should consider visiting for your May vacation. Whether you are looking to hit the beach or watch crews racing, the British Virgin Islands has it all. The Foxy Beach Bar offers unparalleled live music 24 hours a day, exotic drinks and food to make your stay there worth your time.

St. Lucia


Which Caribbean Islands to Visit in May

The rooms here are insanely cheap. However, that does not keep this gorgeous Island from treating you to a most enviable stay. If you’ve got a thing for jazz music, the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival will keep you hooked. Apart from getting a chance to meet the most adored international jazz stars, you may also get an opportunity to explore your own talent…



Which Caribbean Islands to Visit in May

The Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival is the real star here. If you are looking to enjoy emotionally fulfilling soul music and have unrivaled fun while at it, then you should definitely consider Aruba in May. This exhilarating event, which starts on Memorial Day and presents five days of utter enjoyment, also brings with it other great performances, beach parties and amazing concerts every night. You also get a rare opportunity to meet and socialize with some top music stars.

Cayman Islands


Which Caribbean Islands to Visit in May

The Cayman Islands present you with an exciting melting pot of cultures from the moment you touch down on their soil (or should that be sand?) During the first week of May, you can participate in the Cayman Carnival Batabano, a luxurious event that celebrates Caribbean culture. The event breathes excitement and energy to the amazing streets of George Town with thrilling music and ululations.

If you love costumes and flamboyant dressing, the Cayman Islands set the perfect stage to parade your colorful flamboyance along with thousands of other people.

Puerto Rico


Which Caribbean Islands to Visit in May

Puerto Rico boasts of its many affordable hotel rates and more than a thousand activities that travelers can partake in. If you love fun and nonstop events, all while enjoying exotic food and drinks on a beautiful Island, Puerto Rico is where you want to be.

If you love the beach, you will definitely develop unbreakable affection for San Juan’s Escambron Beach. The beach has crystal clear water and golden sands that will make you yearn for more.


If you are planning to visit the Caribbean in May, these islands should be your top priorities. They don’t only offer great excitement and breathtaking views of the beaches and water but are also highly affordable in terms of accommodation, food, drinks and a plethora of activities you can enjoy.


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