Exclusive to Affordable: Where to Stay in St Lucia

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Exclusive to Affordable: Where to Stay in St Lucia

Posted on September 19. 2014

Rising out of the sea like a dream, St. Lucia welcomes visitors with dramatic mountain scenery and a welcoming island spirit. Before your brain can switch to island mode, deciding where to stay in St Lucia is something you need to consider.

Like many places in the Caribbean, different areas of the island have slightly different personalities, but no matter where you stay on St. Lucia, we are certain you are going to love it. Here is our breakdown of where to stay in St Lucia.

Castries and North St. Lucia

The hustling and bustling capital of St. Lucia, Castries is full of teeming markets, busy sidewalks, and exciting nightlife. Castries and surrounds are the most developed areas of St. Lucia, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of escapes, as the nearby beaches in this area are without a doubt the island’s finest. Most of these beaches and their signature resorts are located just north of the city along with the famous Rodney Bay.

Rodney Bay and its marina has been a hub for both yachting and nightlife enthusiasts for decades while Marigot Bay, located to the south of Castries, is one of the quietest parts of the north, and is perfect if you are looking for a little solitude to go along with your sailing.

Where to Stay in St. Lucia

As a general rule, the north of St. Lucia tends to be home to more budget and family-friendly hotels and resorts. Something to make note of is that the major international airport in St. Lucia is located in the south of the island, so transfers to the north are a bit more time-consuming.

Soufrière and South St. Lucia

The oldest town in St. Lucia and the island’s former capital, Soufrière was named after the nearby Sulphur Springs. Its location near the Sulphur Springs and mighty Piton mountains makes it a favorite for vacationers.

Soufrière is considered slightly more laid back than Castries, but can definitely be busy when a cruise ship is in town. The influence of its French heritage is omnipresent, especially in its architecture, which is well known for grand homes with gingerbread trim and terraced wrap-around verandas.

South and east of Soufrière, life becomes a bit remote as resorts become of the more “all-inclusive and exclusive” variety and often fight over who has the best views of the Piton mountains.

Where to Stay in St. Lucia

The south of the island tends to be more of a hub for honeymoon-style resorts and those who tout themselves as natural and eco-resorts. There are also huge swaths of the south which are essentially unspoiled jungle and if the prospect of having them right on your door step is appealing, then the south may be for you.

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