From Coast to Coast: Where to Stay in Puerto Rico

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From Coast to Coast: Where to Stay in Puerto Rico

Posted on February 1. 2014

Deciding where to stay in Puerto Rico can be a daunting task due to the embarrassment of riches that the island possesses. From the beautiful beaches on the coast to the mountain peaks of the island’s interior, you really can’t go wrong in Puerto Rico. Here is a bit more about the island’s different regions to help you decide what’s the best fit for your trip.

San Juan

San Juan. Where to Stay in Puerto Rico

San Juan deserves to be listed first, because it is without a doubt the economic and cultural center of Puerto Rico. It is a fantastic place to stay as it will give you all the benefits of being in a sophisticated modern city, with the added appeal of being surrounded by the rich history of the Old San Juan section of town. The types of accommodation here are as diverse as the city itself, ranging from beachside all-inclusive resorts to hotels. In addition to top notch shopping, dining, and nightlife, San Juan is home to a set of serene beaches, the most popular being Condado and Isla Verde.

Porta Atlantico & Porta Del Sol

Dorado. Where To Stay In Puerto Rico

To the west of San Juan lies the Porta Atlantico, home to Puerto Rico’s original resort town, Dorado, the stunning Camuy Caves, and the famous Arecibo telescope. The least discovered area of Puerto Rico lies further west, as the Porta Del Sol traces the western coast of the Puerto Rico. This region is a surfer’s paradise, and consider yourself warned, because some people arrive in the Porta Del Sol for a holiday, but never leave. The waves here are strong, but the towns are chilled out and relaxed and you can easily find your own personal slice of paradise here.

Northeastern Puerto Rico

To the East of San Juan lies a rugged and less populated region, but a region well worth the trip as the payoff is made up of pristine rainforests and isolated islands. Many of the highlights of Northeastern Puerto Rico end up simply being day trips from San Juan for many visitors, but those who decide to stay a few days in places like Carolina and Fajardo will get the chance to dig a little deeper into this region‘s highlights. Featuring the famous El Yunque National Forest, Las Cabezas Nature Reserve, and the remote islands of Culebra and Vieques, this region is without a doubt a nature-lovers paradise.

Cordillera Central

Ponce. Where to Stay in Puerto Rico

If things get a little too warm for you on the coast, you can always escape to the mountainous spine of Puerto Rico, the Cordillera Central. The Cordillera Central is home to the coolest temperatures on the island as the elevation here soars to the stratosphere compared to the rest of the island. The Adjuntas area is a good base from which to explore the highlights of this region which feature a landscape full of waterfalls and agricultural centers.

Porta Caribe (Southern Puerto Rico)

Anchored by Puerto Rico’s “second city” Ponce, the southern region is Puerto Rico’s stateliest and its driest, as only around 30 inches of rain fall here a year. Cities like Ponce, San German, and Guayama exude a refined charm less common in other areas of the island, and the beaches in places like Boqueron can compete with any on the island.


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