From Luxury to Laidback: Where to Stay in Barbados

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From Luxury to Laidback: Where to Stay in Barbados

Posted on October 29. 2014

Deciding where to stay in Barbados is a dream scenario, because no matter what slice of island paradise you choose to call home, you simply can’t go wrong. This goes for the resorts and hotels on the island and the regions of the island. Like many Caribbean islands, each region in Barbados has a unique flavor that may appeal more to you and knowing the regions can really come in handy. Where to stay in Barbados and a breakdown of Barbados’ regions are the subject of today’s blog.

The Platinum Coast

The stretch of beach north of Holetown on the west coast of Barbados was known for years as the Gold Coast due to its plush atmosphere and calm, beautiful blue waters. The region is so gorgeous and luxurious, Barbadians decided that even gold wasn’t good enough to describe it and changed the name to the Platinum Coast a few years ago. The Platinum Coast is the stretch of the island that is home to its most exclusive resorts, golf courses and polo fields. Encompassing the parishes of St. James, St. Peter, and St. Michael, the Platinum Coast sits on the west coast of the island and as a result the Platinum Coast is home to the island’s best sunsets.

Where to Stay in Barbados

Bridgetown and Surrounds

The capital of Barbados buzzes with the best of them and even if you are destined for a further flung region of the island, you will stop in Bridgetown at some point in your stay. Bridgetown is a great place to base yourself if you plan on trying to explore large swaths of Barbados as it is the hub of the nation’s efficient and affordable bus transportation. It is without a doubt the cultural center of the island as it is home to the Kensington Oval cricket field, world class shopping on Broad Street, and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site based on its historical heritage.

Where to Stay in Barbados

The South Coast

Stretching from the capital of Bridgetown through the parish of Christ Church, the South Coast is also known as the Fun Coast to many, and that is a nod to the easy-going nature of the resorts and towns here. The South Coast is the spot on Barbados where both luxury seekers and budget-minded vacationers alike mingle for drinks and dinner at the bars and cafes along the famous St. Lawrence Gap. Since the Fun Coast borders the Atlantic Ocean, the sea can be a little more active here compared to the Platinum Coast, so be aware of this if watersports and swimming are high on your to-do list.

Where to Stay in Barbados

The East Coast

The wild and woolly east coast of Barbados is the perfect place to go if you seek a little solitude or fancy a bit of surfing. The waves on this side of the island are as big as the adventures available as the East Coast is an absolute haven for rock exploring, hiking, and simply getting away from it all. Again, this is an area known for strong crashing waves and is not really a swimming mecca.

Where to Stay in Barbados

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