Popular Watersports in Anguilla: On, In and Under the Water

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Popular Watersports in Anguilla: On, In and Under the Water

Posted on January 26. 2015

One of the funnest ways to fill your days on Anguilla is taking part in some wet and wild watersports. The watersports here are definitely some of the best in the Caribbean, and will help make your holiday unforgettable.

Wondering which watersports in Anguilla are for you? Here are our favorites.

Watersports in Anguilla: On, In and Under the Water


For those looking for watersports that put slightly less air between their board and the sea, stand-up paddleboarding is perfect. A delicate sport involving careful balance on a board and peaceful floating in the sea, paddleboaring in Anguilla has become very popular and is fun for people of all ages and abilities. While it seems like a leisurely activity, with the beauty of Anguilla on full display from the water and plenty of time for your eyes to soak it all in, you won’t be bored, trust us.


One of the fastest growing watersports in Anguilla, the winds and the weather on the island make Anguilla kiteboarding top notch. There are many bays on Anguilla ideal for the thrills of kiteboarding, and an elite local outfit called Anguilla Watersports is making a great name for itself guiding visitors through this adrenaline-pumping thrill ride. Whether you arrive on Anguilla as an expert kiteboarder looking to polish your skills or are novice simply wanting to try your luck riding and flying over the water, you will have plenty of opportunity on the island.


The classic board sport that started them all is alive and well in Anguilla, albeit on a slightly smaller scale than some of the other watersports in Anguilla. During the winter months, Meads Bay is the place to “surf and be seen” as the swell here is very impressive, and the scene at the glamorous beachside resorts nearby is something to behold as well. When storms glance the island, other waves will pop up for temporary riding, so stay tuned to the weather and keep your surfboard nearby.

Watersports in Anguilla: On, In and Under the Water

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

For those who want to get in the water and admire the beauty beneath it as opposed to above it, snorkeling and scuba diving are without a doubt the best of the watersports on the island.

Anguilla snorkeling is focused around Crocus Bay, Little Bay, and Sandy Island, and even from near the surface a colorful display of fish and coral is visible.

For those willing to go a little deeper underwater, scuba diving is the truest delight for the eyes on Anguilla. There are seven marine parks surrounding the island that offer a view of everything from  wall dives to ledge dives and wreck dives. The most famous of the wreck dives is the El Buen Consejo, which was a ship carrying Franciscan priests that sank in 1772. Luckily, everyone on board escaped, but the ship remains under the water with canons and artifacts on display and ripe for exploring.

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