The Most Delicious Belize Food You Need to Try (At Least Once!)

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The Most Delicious Belize Food You Need to Try (At Least Once!)

Posted on February 21. 2015

One of the best parts of any holiday is the food, and trying out the food in Belize will be without a doubt be one of the highlights of your stay. Just like the country itself, Belize food is an intriguing mix, as you are bound to see influences from the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico on your plate. In addition to the plentiful and ubiquitous fresh seafood staples like shrimp, grouper, and lobster on menus around Belize, here are our picks for the best Belizean food that you just absolutely have to try during your stay.

The Most Delicious Belize Food You Need to Be Eating - Fry Jacks

Fry Jacks

Similar to the much loved beignet, the Fry Jack is a soft and pillowy treat made of of fried dough and, depending on the cook or cafe, covered with a dusting of sugar. The Fry Jack is a typical Belize breakfast food and you will find it served almost everywhere in the country in the morning alone or with a side of rice and beans.

The Most Delicious Belize Food You Need to Be Eating - Rice and Beans

Rice and Beans & Beans and Rice

Rice and beans are the unofficial national dish of Belize and there is constant debate over who does the best version of this famous staple. Rice and beans may sound simple, but there is much more to the recipe than just simply mixing rice and beans together. To be authentic Belizean rice and beans, they are both slow-cooked together with coconut milk adding an alluring flavor to this simple yet sensational dish.

Beans and rice, on the other hand, is the name for beans and rice cooked and, most importantly, served separately. You will often find both of these dishes served on the side of another dish, but some folks are fond of eating them alone.

The Most Delicious Belize Food You Need to Be Eating - Conch Fritters

Conch Fritters

The official king of the Belizean appetizers, conch fritters are a crunchy way to begin any foray into food in Belize. Conch fritters are battered balls of conch, the meat from the conch shell, fried golden brown and served with a tasty dipping sauce on the side. Conch fritters are found in almost every corner cafe and restaurant in the country.

The Most Delicious Belize Food You Need to Be Eating - Ceviche


The most refreshing way to get your seafood fix is by enjoying some ceviche, which is plentiful on the coastal cayes of Belize. Ceviche is a chilled salad of fish that has been “cooked” by the juice of a lime or other citrus fruits. In addition to the fish, ceviche will typically include onions, tomatoes, and things like cucumber and cilantro. Ceviche is the perfect food for cooling off during a warm and sunny day.

The Most Delicious Belize Food You Need to Be Eating - Garnaches

Garnaches and Dukunu

Showing heavy influence from the Mestizo population and next door Mexico, Garnaches and Dukunu are both examples of food in Belize that will each remind you of something you may have had before, but in an ever-so-slightly different form. Garnaches are similar to tostadas, as they are crispy tortillas topped with beans, cheese, and the meat of your choice. Dukunu would be comparable to tamales, and you will typically see these handy little treats being sold by roving street vendors or at fast food stands.


A specialty in the Garífuna swaths of Belize, hudut is a hearty coconut and cream fish stew. The stew is made milky by coconut milk and then it is poured all over the fish (typically a whole fish) and accompanied with smashed and fried green plantains. You can really taste the Caribbean heritage of the Garifuna people in this dish and it is a favorite dinner in these areas of Belize.

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