The Exumas General Information

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The Exumas General Information

Posted on December 12. 2012


Oft considered the prettiest of the the Bahamian islands, the Exumas proudly boast stunning beaches, tropical hideaways and rolling hills. The islands themselves are long and spindly in shape, meaning that there are many picturesque coves and coral formations to explore, as well as the attractive capital of George Town which these days is home to a jetset crowd of yachting enthusiasts. Relatively unspoiled by tourism, the Exumas are the perfect place to find solitude and relaxation.


The Exumas benefit from an almost-constant year round temperature due to the prevailing trade winds coming from the north east, with average temperatures sitting at around 80-85 degrees. The relatively cooler months of September through to May still offer an average of 70-75 degrees, although temperatures can drop at nighttime all year round. For the mildest temperatures and lowest rainfall, the best time to visit the Exumas is between November and April. Visitors should be aware that hurricane season runs from June to November, so strong winds and heavy rainfall may be experienced, particularly during the wettest months of June and October.

Time Zone

The Exumas are on Eastern Daylight Time, which is UTC-4. The islands observe Daylight Saving Time, meaning that between March and November the time zone sits at UTC-5.


Take a boat out the the sunken “Drug Plane” off Norman’s Cay, where the snorkeling opportunities abound

Lure in the wild iguanas of Allan’s Cay with some sweet grapes

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a large nature preserve home to some of the most spectacular marine life in the Bahamas, as well as a few cute souvenir shops



Scuba diving


Boat trips

Swimming with dolphins



Big Majors Cay – Not only does this area boast soft sand and clear water, but also pigs that swim! It has to be seen to be believed.

Little Exuma – Supposedly the best beach of all the islands, there are no amenities here but seclusion and sunbathing is guaranteed

Stocking Island – Although this beach isn’t as picturesque, it is home to many lively beach bars and grills, as well as water sports

Tropic of Cancer Beach – The longest beach on the island, so named because the Tropic of Cancer runs right through it.