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Everything You Need to Know About Belize Weather

Belize is home to every hallmark of a tropical paradise: jungles, cays, beaches, coral reefs, and most importantly for many of us: year-round warm weather.

This year-round good weather means that as far as temperatures are concerned, there is not a huge difference between the seasons in Belize. There are still other differences between the seasons that you should know about before your trip, and they are the topic of today’s post.

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Planning the Perfect Trip: Best Time to Go to Barbados

With its perfect spot at the crossroads of the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas in addition to relative lack of hurricane activity, Barbados is the epitome of an all-year-round Caribbean destination. So, when is the best time to go to Barbados? Well, there is certainly is no bad time to visit, only “really good” times and “even better” times. It all depends on your taste and interests, and today’s post will help you find the best time to visit Barbados for you.

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June Travel in the Caribbean

The official Caribbean hurricane season starts in June, but the chances of actually being caught in a hurricane in June is very slim. Why? On average, only one tropical storm or hurricane is observed during the month of June every two years, according to the National Hurricane Center. For instance, there were only 33 hurricanes in June between 1851 and 2012, compared to 234 in August and 390 in September. Temperatures in June usually range from 78ºF to 87ºF (25.5ºC to 30.5ºC) while the average days with rain is only about 10, which makes June travel in the Caribbean is as enticing as any other month.

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