How to Experience the St. Lucia Drive-In Volcano Tour

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How to Experience the St. Lucia Drive-In Volcano Tour

Posted on February 15. 2017

As we mentioned in our post about sightseeing in St. Lucia, a drive-in volcano tour at Sulphur Springs is the highlight of many a trip to the Caribbean island. Even if you have never thought about going on a volcano tour before, you should definitely consider one in St. Lucia due to the unique nature of the opportunity Sulphur Springs presents.

In February 2017, the USA Today Reader’s Choice Awards declared the drive-in volcano the ‘Best Caribbean Attraction’. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, we don’t know what is!

Here is all you need to know about taking the St Lucia drive-in volcano tour.

Where are the Sulphur Springs located?

The Sulphur Springs are located near the town of Soufrière in the southwestern corner of St. Lucia. A fun fact is that it’s no coincidence the city has that name as the word Soufrière means “sulphur” in French.  It can be reached from Soufrière easily, but even if you are staying on the northern part of the island, it can be done as a day trip.

How To Experience the St Lucia Drive In Volcano Tour

How were the Sulphur Springs created?

The Sulphur Springs were created when huge amounts of rain water seeped into the ground through a crack in the earth’s crust. This water then came into contact with boiling volcanic rock and rose back to the surface. Along the way, the water mixed with sulphur and other chemicals to create the springs.

How To Experience the St Lucia Drive In Volcano Tour

Can you really drive into the volcano?

Well, you cannot drive under the volcano as some people mistakenly think, but you can drive near and walk right up to the edge of the crater. In fact, there is one area of Sulphur Springs called Gabriel’s Hole that an unwitting tour guide accidentally created by falling into the Springs after getting too close to the edge. That is why you are not allowed to get too close anymore.

How To Experience the St Lucia Drive In Volcano Tour

Why does the water turn different colors at Sulphur Springs?

As the water rises, it mixes with a variety of chemicals. This mixing contributes to the color of the water changing and the often-remarked “interesting” smell that Sulphur Springs is famous for.

Are there other activities at Sulphur Springs besides looking at the bubbling springs?

Definitely! In fact the best part of most volcano tours is the mud baths. The water directly on the springs is too hot to bath in, but further downstream the mud and water is perfect to take a warm bath. Traditionally, people cover themselves in the mineral rich mud, relax, and let the mud work its magic on their skin.

How To Experience the St Lucia Drive In Volcano Tour

How much does a volcano tour cost?

It is around $11 USD for an adult to visit both the springs and enjoy the mud baths, with a child ticket being only $5. It is slightly less expensive if you would like to just visit one without the other. Most people bundle in a volcano tour with another sightseeing excursion through a tour operator in St. Lucia, managing to see several spectacular sights in St. Lucia on the same day.

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