Paradise Island General Information

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Paradise Island General Information

Posted on December 12. 2012


Situated just off the north shore of Nassau, Paradise Island is most well-known for being the home of the behemoth Atlantis Resort & Casino and because of this it attracts a large vacation crowd and those seeking lively nightlife and shopping opportunities. There are, however, some lovely secluded spots to the island, ensuring that you are bound to find something to suit your taste here, even if not within the confines of the resort.


 Paradise Island benefits from an almost-constant year round temperature due to the prevailing trade winds coming from the north east, with average temperatures sitting at around 80-85 degrees. The relatively cooler months of September through to May still offer an average of 70-75 degrees, although temperatures can drop at nighttime all year round. For the mildest temperatures and lowest rainfall, the best time to visit Paradise Island is between November and April. Visitors should be aware that hurricane season runs from June to November, so strong winds and heavy rainfall may be experienced, particularly during the wettest months of June and October.

 Time Zone

Paradise Island is on Eastern Daylight Time, which is UTC-4. The island observes Daylight Saving Time, meaning that between March and November the time zone sits at UTC-5.


If you are not a registered guest of the resort, you can still take an hour-long guided tour

Most of the attractions on the island are house within Atlantis – movie screenings, fish-feeding demonstrations, water parks, water volleyball…the list goes on.

Versailles Gardens – These gardens are a lovely respite from the glitz and glamor of the mega-resort and admission is free.





Scuba diving



Jet skis

Banana boats


Cabbage Beach – A stunning white sand beach lined with palm trees and offering a smattering of bars and restaurants.

Paradise Beach – Mainly used by guests of the Atlantis resort, this beach is a particularly good spot from which to watch the sunset.