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  • Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon – What to See and Do

    Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon - What to See and Do - Sunset
    Posted on March 15. 2017

      Take a Dip in Your Own Private Infinity Pool If you’re going to want to splash out on any aspect of your Caribbean honeymoon, it’s likely be your room, so you may as well make it the most awe-inspiring room you’ve ever stayed in. Jade Mountain in St Lucia can easily deliver on that, …

  • How to Experience the St. Lucia Drive-In Volcano Tour

    Posted on February 15. 2017

    As we mentioned in our post about sightseeing in St. Lucia, a drive-in volcano tour at Sulphur Springs is the highlight of many a trip to the Caribbean island. Even if you have never thought about going on a volcano tour before, you should definitely consider one in St. Lucia due to the unique nature …

  • 5 Courses That Prove the Caribbean Is a Golfer’s Paradise

    Posted on January 24. 2017

    Nothing rounds out a vacation quite like a round of golf, and since the season for hitting the links never ends in the Caribbean, the region has become home to an abundance of places to get some swings in. While nearly every island is home to a couple of great courses, there are a handful …

  • The Most Exciting Caribbean Events in January

    Posted on December 22. 2016

    After the lights of the festive season have been taken down and Old Man Winter is knocking on your door, there’s probably no better time to get away to the Caribbean. Yes, the warmth of the holidays may have faded, but that’s no excuse to stay in the cold as the month of January has …

  • The Best Active Sports in the Caribbean

    Posted on November 14. 2016

    You probably know that the Caribbean is one of the best places in the world to simply just lay around and get some sun, but did you know that it’s also a playground for almost every active sport imaginable? It’s true, and while the possibilities are nearly endless, there are a few that standout at …

  • Five Affordable Caribbean Vacation Hotspots

    Posted on October 20. 2016

    While nearly everyone under the sun knows that a Caribbean vacation will create priceless memories, many of us still aren’t hip to the fact that a trip doesn’t have to leave you penniless. Yes, while there are certainly plenty of resplendent resorts at luxurious locales ideal for splashing out, there are also plenty of affordable …

  • Pico Duarte: The Highest Peak in the Caribbean

    Posted on September 27. 2016

    While the Caribbean has always been more famous for sea level sun-lounging than mountain climbing, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some serious peaks to be scaled. In fact, the highest peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic, comes in at over 10,000 feet high. Ascending Pico Duarte is a great addition to …

  • Barbados: An Overview of a Caribbean Gem

    Posted on August 11. 2016

    The name Barbados brings to mind several things: beautiful beaches, teal blue seas, coral reefs, and … afternoon teas? Yes, that’s right, this beautiful island is stocked with both classically Caribbean scenes and unexpected British twists, making a trip to Barbados a truly unique Caribbean island experience. What Makes Barbados Special?   The island’s one-of-a-kind …

  • Roatan Island: Finding Treasure in the Undiscovered Caribbean

    Posted on July 6. 2016

    Despite the myriad of praise heaped on Roatan by dedicated divers and lovers of island life the world over, the Honduran island still remains a mystery to many. But just like the pirates that used to ply the waters around the island, you’ll find nothing but treasure here if you decide to give it a …

  • 5 Top Natural Wonders of the Caribbean

    Posted on June 6. 2016

    In addition to stunning beaches, mouthwatering food, and a vibrant cultural calendar crammed with festivals, the Caribbean is also full of unique natural wonders that you can’t just see anywhere else. These Caribbean natural wonders help put an exclamation point on all holidays to the region, and the following are our favorites (and if you’re …