New Providence Island General Information

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New Providence Island General Information

Posted on December 12. 2012


Rich in history whilst still retaining the famous Caribbean laid back charm, New Providence mixes culture and beautiful beaches with a wide array of shopping, dining and nightlife opportunities. The city of Nassau is one of the most well-known and well-visited areas if the Bahamas, but this doesn’t detract from the merits of the rest of the island. If anything, it simply enhances the experience for anyone who graces its shores.


 New Providence benefits from an almost-constant year round temperature due to the prevailing trade winds coming from the north east, with average temperatures sitting at around 80-85 degrees. The relatively cooler months of September through to May still offer an average of 70-75 degrees, although temperatures can drop at nighttime all year round. For the mildest temperatures and lowest rainfall, the best time to visit New Providence is between November and April. Visitors should be aware that hurricane season runs from June to November, so strong winds and heavy rainfall may be experienced, particularly during the wettest months of June and October.

 Time Zone

 New Providence is on Eastern Daylight Time, which is UTC-4. The island observes Daylight Saving Time, meaning that between March and November the time zone sits at UTC-5.


• Explore the market of Potter’s Cay; here you’ll find seafood to tantalize any taste buds

• Visit the Ardastra Gardens, if only to see the pink flamingos that live here. The gardens feature a zoo and conservation center and more tropical plants than you can shake a stick at.

• Admire the view from the remains of Blackbeard’s Tower near Fort Montagu

• The Junkanoo Expo is a museum dedicated to the Bahamian equivalent of Mardi Gras, Junkanoo. Come here to see the colorful costumes and parade floats.

• Children are bound to love the Pirates of Nassau museum, complete with pirate ships and dungeons.

• Explore the underground passages of Fort Charlotte, built in the 1700s as a defense for the western harbour.



Boat cruises






Horseback riding

Scuba diving


Cable Beach – The most popular stretch of sand on the island, here you will find soft sands, watersports, beach bars, and sometimes a handful of annoying vendors trying to sell their goods.

Caves Beach – Not as crowded as Cable Beach, this beach doesn’t have any facilities to speak of, but is a great spot for more secluded sunbathing.

Goodman’s Bay – Famous for its beach parties and cookouts, this beach is popular with locals and also has a children’s playground.

Old Fort Beach – Turquoise waters and wind strong enough for watersports can be found here.

Love Beach – A relative haven, Love Beach offers great snorkeling and is technically private but if visitors are well-behaved they won’t be disturbed.