Five Beautiful Bonaire Resorts

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Five Beautiful Bonaire Resorts

Posted on April 3. 2015

The island of Bonaire is home to a collection of resorts that will help make your vacation to the island truly unforgettable. From luxury all-inclusives to colorful and basic beachside hotels, the range to choose from is one of the many benefits of coming to this sun-kissed slice of the Caribbean. Here is a sample of some of our favorite Bonaire resorts.

Five Beautiful Bonaire Resorts

Eden Beach Resort

As the name suggests, this resort is paradise on earth for guests looking to stay on the beach, and that especially goes for those looking to do some diving directly off the beaches. Home to a dive shop organized by renowned diving outfit Wannadive, Eden Beach is one of the best Bonaire resorts for fantastic access to the underwater wonders of the island. In fact, Bonaire is often cited as the “shore dive capital of the world” due to the fact that it has over 50 dive sites that can be accessed directly from the shore. Eden Beach Resort also features a spa and recently updated rooms that perfectly balance elegance and comfortable family-friendliness.

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Five Beautiful Bonaire Resorts

Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire

One of the shining stars in the Bonaire luxury resorts category, Plaza Beach Resort offers a brand of beach luxury sure to make your entire holiday feel like a plunge into a shimmering plush pool. Plaza Beach Resort is all-inclusive resort meaning that once you walk on to their gorgeous grounds, you don’t have to worry about another thing. Meals, beach access, and pool service are all included in the price of your room and many guests comment that this all inclusive attitude is so relaxing they never want to leave.

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Five Beautiful Bonaire Resorts

Sonrisa Boutique Hotel

Sonrisa means “smile” in both the Papiamentu and Spanish languages, and the friendly atmosphere and size of the suites on offer here are sure to have you grinning for the duration of your stay. The suites are all designed in breezy Caribbean style and when you decide to walk the two blocks to the beach, you will find Chachacha Beach a fun and lively escape. Sonrisa Boutique Hotel is also within striking distance of Bonaire Windsurf Place, which is located in the nature-protected area of Lac Bay and provides thrills for many guests.

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Five Beautiful Bonaire Resorts

Buddy Dive Resort

Another dive-centric stay in Bonaire, Buddy Dive Resort is in the laidback and fun category of Bonaire resorts. Buddy Dive Resort is home to a colorful “house reef” that can be explored by guests 24/7 and all dive packages at Buddy Dive Resort come with a free rental truck which allows you to go out on the island for yourself and discover dive sites at your own pace. The apartments at Buddy Dive Resort are modern, featuring fully equipped kitchens, and the resort is home to two spacious pools.

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Five Beautiful Bonaire Resorts

Portobello Apartments

Enveloped by a lush green garden, this cozy complex of apartments feels like a true home-away-from-home for its guests. It is conveniently located within walking distance from the beach and a bustling shopping mall just north of Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire. The affordable ground floor units at Portobello Apartments will make you feel so much at home, you may be looking to make a move to the Caribbean.

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