Fill Your Calendar With These Fabulous Bonaire Events

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Fill Your Calendar With These Fabulous Bonaire Events

Posted on March 28. 2015

While the stunning landscapes and delicious restaurants of Bonaire are available to soak in all year round, Bonaire is home to a bevy of special events that only take place once a year. These unique Bonaire events will all add a little spice to your holiday, and timing your trip to coincide with one of them is definitely recommended here at Caribbean Winds.

Here is a collection of our favorite Bonaire events and when in the year to catch them.

Bonaire Events - Maskerada

Maskarada – January

Rooted in Bonaire’s Spanish Heritage, Maskarada is a unique New Year’s Day tradition on Bonaire. Islanders dress up in disguise and pay a visit to the Lieutenant Governor’s house to wish him or her and their family a joyous Happy New Year. Tradition states that dances and performances take place and then the Lieutenant Governor gives them a bottle of rum to say thanks for the performance. Even if you aren’t the Lieutenant Governor, performances for this most fun of Bonaire events are able to be watched all over the island for several days ending with the traditional “taking off of the masks” on the first Sunday after New Year’s Day.

Carnival – February or March

A cousin of Maskarada, Carnival in Bonaire is similar to that of other Caribbean islands, but with a fun and fiery twist to the affair, and this ending is sure to be a memorable sight for you if you come to the island during Carnival time. Carnival in Bonaire begins with the Tumba Festival, which is a celebration of local island music and then is followed with a procession of colorful parades illuminating the streets of Bonaire in the weeks afterwards. These parades peak on the Sunday before Fat Tuesday with the Grand Parade, and then end with the finale on Fat Tuesday featuring the burning of an effigy of King Momo, the king of carnival.

King’s Day – April 26th or 27th

Being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Bonaire celebrates the yearly observation of the Dutch monarch’s birthday called King’s Day. During King’s Day, people dress in Orange and enjoy the day off of work reveling, catching up with old friends, and flying kites by the sea.

Bonaire Events - Bonaire Jazz Festival

Bonaire Jazz Festival – July or August

Taking place on July 31st, August 1st and August 2nd in 2015, the Bonaire Jazz Festival is one of the Caribbean’s hottest gatherings celebrating the cool sounds of jazz. Islanders and visitors alike gather to hear world famous artists like Oleta Adams and The Original Wailers croon on stage to thousands of their biggest fans. Travelers who have visited Bonaire during the festival come home knowing that nothing goes better with a warm summer night than jazz on Bonaire.

Flag Day – September 6th

Flag day is the most patriotic of Bonaire events and is a fantastic oppurtunity for residents and visitors alike to take time to reflect on and celebrate the heritage of the island. Festivities take place throughout Bonaire but one town each year is picked as the main hub of the fun, so check with your hotel after you arrive. The most well known event of Flag Day is the Motorcycle Rally that has to be seen to be believed as hundreds of motorcycles are flown in from all over the world, and then cyclists proceed to tour the island taking in its natural sights all while proudly displaying the Bonaire flag.

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