Unmissable Cayman Islands Excursions

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Unmissable Cayman Islands Excursions

Posted on May 15. 2015

While you could be forgiven for staying in the pool at your hotel or lounging on the beach during your entire time on the islands,  we recommend getting out and getting active – at least on one day of your stay. Taking part in one of the Cayman Islands excursions available is a great chance to get moving and see another side of these tranquil islands. While we have talked about diving previously, these Cayman Islands excursions are also destined to be highlights of your trip.

Horseback Riding

If you’ve always wanted to ride a horse or you are already are an expert ride, a hoofed hike on the beaches of the Caymans on horseback will help make your holiday a special one. Perfect for a fun family day out or a romantic evening stroll under the stars, the graceful island horses will typically tour you along rustic island back roads, the beach, and even take you for a dip in the ocean.

Cayman Islands Excursions Not To Be Missed

Cayman Islands Kayak Tours

Showing you the beauty of the Caymans at a leisurely and laid back pace is the signature of kayak excursions, and many providers on the island offer excellent versions. Most Cayman Islands kayak tours provide trips through the islands’ lush mangrove swamps during the day, offering educational information about these fragile and fascinating ecosystems along the way. At night, many Cayman Islands kayak tours take trips to the otherworldly bio-luminescent bays, which is a night out on the water you won’t soon forget.


The Cayman Islands have a rich history with boatmaking and sailing, and at one point were even considered some of the world’s best makers of boats. This tradition continues today with all sorts of watersports available to partake in. Classic watersports in the Cayman Islands are parasailing and jetskiing, which are available at all the popular beaches on the islands, and boating, which can be arranged at many boat rental agencies throughout the islands.

For the extra adventurous, the Cayman Islands also caters to the latest in watersports such as kiteboarding and jetpacking, which is the futuristic-looking fun time of wearing a water powered vest that shoots you up into the air.

Cayman Islands Excursions Not To Be Missed

Stingray City

The capital of all Cayman Islands excursions, people come from all over the Caribbean to experience the  magical Stingray City. The place got its name because just offshore Grand Cayman, stingrays congregate in unheard-of numbers and since they have been fed by fisherman in this place for decades, they are docile and friendly, can be swam with and even stroked. Whether you get up close and under them while snorkeling or just stand in the sand with them, you will see Stingrays in a whole different light after a trip to Stingray City.

Cayman Islands Excursions Not To Be Missed


What you read above is not a typo, Hell is an actual place in the Cayman Islands. Hell is located directly next to a field of strange black limestone formations covering a field and seeing the limestone formations is an interesting Cayman stop. In addition to the rocks, the nearby brightly-colored gift shop gives you the opportunity to send home postcards from “hell”.

Cayman Islands Excursions Not To Be Missed


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