Cayman Islands Diving Resorts and Best Dive Sites

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Cayman Islands Diving Resorts and Best Dive Sites

Posted on May 9. 2015

While the beaches above the sea are a sight to behold in the Cayman Islands, what’s below the sea can be just as impressive. Before you put your wetsuit on and head for the airport, here is a quick guide to some of our favorite Cayman Islands diving resorts and dive sites to get you ready for your trip.

Best Cayman Islands Diving Resorts


Cayman Islands Diving Resorts and the Best Dive Sites

Compass Point Dive Resort

While most resorts brag about their proximity to the airport, nightlife, and restaurants, Compass Point Dive Resort wants you to know that they have a less than ideal location for these attractions. Why are they proud of this fact? Well, because being far from those things puts them in one of the best locations on the island for diving, and diving is their passion. Located in Grand Cayman’s East End, the luxurious Compass Point Dive Resort is within a short boat trip to nearly all 55 of the Cayman Island’s dive spots, most notably the colorful Jack McKenny’s Canyons and offers excellent accommodation and dining for all its guests. By the end of your stay, you’ll swear the East End is the center of Grand Cayman.

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Cayman Islands Diving Resorts and the Best Dive Sites

Cobalt Coast Dive Resort

An all-inclusive jewel among Cayman Islands diving resorts, Cobalt Coast spoils divers with packages featuring unlimited diving at its partner Divetech’s shore diving spots, premium drinks, gourmet meals, and sumptuous guestrooms. Grand Cayman’s North Wall, which is a sensational diving site, is located mere feet from Cobalt Coast Dive Resort and for those looking to take a day off from diving, the resort is well known for offering free trips to Stingray City.


Best Diving Sites in the Cayman Islands


Bloody Bay Wall

Regarded in many circles as the most spectacular vertical drop-off anywhere in the Caribbean, Bloody Bay Wall will take your breath away with its signature brightest yellow sponges. Blue and green Tube and Vase sponges are also highlights of this dive along with a bevy of Nassau groupers who will likely be keeping an eye on you as much as you are watching them.

Cayman Islands Diving Resorts and the Best Dive Sites

The Wreck of the Cali

The Cali was a majestic schooner that was sunk by the British Corps of Army Engineers after it was labeled a shipping hazard in the 1950’s. It’s bad fortune is a stroke of luck for divers and snorkelers as scores of colorful sea life have made the Cali their home over the decades since its sinking.  Unlike most wreck sites, the Cali rests in shallow water and can be equally explored by snorkelers, too.

USS Kittiwake

The newest of the dive sites in the Cayman Islands, the USS Kittiwake was only just sunk in 2011 but is already fast becoming a highlight of the Caymans underwater world. It was not an accidental sinking, as the ship was donated by the military, and this fact also means that the ship is clear from fishing line and wires, which can typically present a problem for divers. Here, you are free to peruse the old living quarter of sailors and mess halls in eerie silence.

Cayman Islands Diving Resorts and the Best Dive Sites

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