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Puerto Rico Tourist Traps, Things to Avoid

Like anywhere else in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has its fair share of tourists traps and things to avoid, and we aren’t just talking about a poorly mixed pina colada, the national drink. From the time you arrive in Puerto Rico right on through to the time you leave the island, here are some things to avoid doing or seeing during your trip that will most certainly lead to a more refreshing and happier holiday for everyone in your group. Continue reading Puerto Rico Tourist Traps, Things to Avoid

Puerto Rico Events in February

Exciting times for the island of Puerto Rico as it recently picked up a much sought-after accolade from 10 Best, a division of USA Today Travel. Puerto Rico was crowned “Best Island in the Caribbean” in 10 Best’s latest Reader’s Choice contest, beating out every other island in the Caribbean for the title with its unique mix of rich culture, natural beauty, and festive spirit. Continue reading Puerto Rico Events in February

Puerto Rico Safety and Travel Tips

The U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico may not be the most famous of Caribbean islands, but a quick check of the map will confirm its ideal location among the idyllic islands that bask in our much-beloved Caribbean winds. Puerto Rico offers a mix of the exotic and familiar to visitors as one minute you can feel a million miles away from civilization on a deserted beach or mountain, and the next can be paying for your pina colada with a crispy U.S. Dollar you brought with you from home. Here are a few Puerto Rico safety and travel tips to ensure that your trip is a safe, healthy and happy one. Continue reading Puerto Rico Safety and Travel Tips

Bahamas Tourist Traps and Things to Avoid

As you get ready for your visit to the Bahamas, you may only have visions of warm tropical waves, ice cold Bahama Mamas, and suntans dancing in your head, but there are a few other things you need to make room for, and they aren’t quite as fun. You see, there are a few things to avoid in The Bahamas too. The island nation is a dream destination no doubt, and being aware of these Bahamas tourist traps and things to avoid will help you get the most out of your dream.

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Bahamas Travel Tips and Safety Advice

An island nation of more than 700 islands, islets, and cays located in that magical spot where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire Caribbean. How popular? Well, between cruise ship passengers and land-loving overnight-staying guests, nearly five million visitors a year visit the Bahamas. Nearly every single one of them has a fantastic holiday free of any sort of medical or safety issue as well. Like anywhere else though, there are a few things you do need to keep in mind while visiting to ensure that you stay in that overwhelmingly large majority of people who have a healthy, fun, and safe holiday. Here is a list of Bahamas travel tips to keep in mind.

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