British Virgin Islands General Information

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British Virgin Islands General Information

Posted on December 12. 2012


A collection of fifty lush islands, the British Virgin Islands boasts hidden coves to explore, delightful beaches and a laidback atmosphere. Said to have been the basis for the book Treasure Island, the British Virgin Islands offer breathtaking luxury at a price, but one which is worth paying if you are looking for a less-touristic version of beauty than that of most of the rest of the Caribbean. You may not find pirates here, but you are likely to find dolphins, soft sand and maybe even the odd celebrity or two.


A balmy and subtropical climate is the year-round norm for the British Virgin Islands, whose average temperatures range from 77-83 degrees. Evenings can sometimes be a little chilly, but temperatures for both day and night vary very little between summer and winter. Hurricane season can occur between the months of June and November, which also tend to be the rainiest months, but rainfall is usually lower than 50 inches of rain per year on average.

Time Zone

The British Virgin Islands are in the Atlantic Time Zone which is UTC-4. The islands do not observe Daylight Saving Time.