Bonaire Kiteboarding: How, Why and Where

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Bonaire Kiteboarding: How, Why and Where

Posted on April 13. 2015

Next to scuba diving and snorkeling, the next most popular activity to be blown away with during your holiday on Bonaire is kiteboarding. Home to an almost year-round steady tradewind breeze, a crescent shape that superbly splits the wind, and an easy set of shore access points,  Bonaire has become one of the best places in the world to get in on the kiteboarding revolution sweeping the seas. The crystal clear water with a hue of blue that you get to sail on top of doesn’t hurt the appeal of Bonaire kiteboarding either.

Bonaire Kiteboarding


Where Are the Best Places for Bonaire Kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding can be done in various spots around Bonaire and and Klein Bonaire (the small island off the coast), but the most popular spot on the island is called Atlantis, located on the southwest section of Bonaire.

True to its name, Atlantis feels like a fantasy world to kiteboarders, as the beach is wide and winds are very strong.  One of the appeals of Atlantis is there is plenty of room for everyone to get their boards in the air and cut through the water.  Finding Atlantis is easy to do – just keep a look out for the bright and boldly colored kiteboards flying through air. Once you see them, you have found Atlantis. Atlantis is regarded as a place for advanced kiteboarding.

Pink Beach is also a popular spot as the waters off its shores offer a perfect place for flat water sailing and the beach has a very subtle pink color which makes for a quite a stunning view from the air.

When Is the Best Time to Kiteboard in Bonaire?

While the winds are steady all year long, February is typically home to the finest combination of strong winds and ideal weather during the calendar year. If you can’t make in February, be aware that the winds on Bonaire typically blow around 15 knots in the fall and around 20 knots the rest of the year.

Bonaire Kiteboarding

Should I Bring My Own Board or Rent One?

This, of course is completely up to you, but be aware if you choose to rent that Bonaire’s two leading kiteboarding businesses both provide excellent equipment rental facilities. If there are any beginners in your group, both companies are also known for providing top notch, professional, and safe kiteboarding instruction for all levels, and even have specially-designed equipment for beginners.

Bonaire Kiteschool

Kiteboarding Bonaire

Anything Else I Should Know?

Since the entirety of Bonare’s coast is encompassed by Bonaire National Marine Park, it is compulsory for all who use Bonaire’s waters to kiteboard to contribute a Nature Fee of $10 first. This fee allows you to use the waters of the Bonaire National Marine Park for kiteboarding for a year, and you will receive a tag upon payment of this Nature Fee. You are required to keep your Bonaire National Marine Park tag with you at all times, and be aware that Park Rangers have been known to do random checks on kiteboarders.

Happy boarding!

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