How to Find the Best Time to Travel to Puerto Rico

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How to Find the Best Time to Travel to Puerto Rico

Posted on February 5. 2014

No matter the time of the year, you can have an amazing holiday in Puerto Rico. Depending on what you like to do on vacation, certain times of year may be better than others, but there is definitely no bad time to visit the island. Here is some advice on picking the best time to travel to Puerto Rico.


In a region famous for steady temperatures, Puerto Rico is another example of Caribbean consistency. The temperature in Puerto Rico averages between 75° to 85°F all year round, cooled off by nearly-constant trade winds. Depending on the season, a typical day in Puerto Rico will have a high of around 80° to 85°F and a low of 65° to 70°F. The one exception to this rule is in the mountains of the Cordillera Central, where temperatures can be downright chilly in comparison to the rest of the island. August is typically the hottest month on the island, and the southern part of Puerto Rico can get downright sticky and humid around this time of year as it receives less rain than other areas of Puerto Rico.


Hidden Beach. Best Time to Travel to Puerto Rico

Speaking of rain, more of it falls on the northern coast of Puerto Rico than the southern coast and it rains more everywhere during the months of April through November. Due to the mountains in the center of the country affecting the climate, precipitation can vary wildly as parts of the island can receive over 150 inches of rain a year, while some arid areas can receive only around 30 inches a year. Regardless of the time of year, when rain falls, it’s usually just a quick burst that is followed by sunshine.

Hurricane season runs from July to December in Puerto Rico, and while the island can no doubt be affected, it hasn’t been hit by a major hurricane for decades. Even if one does head towards Puerto Rico while you are there, modern satellite forecasts will give you adequate warnings so that the appropriate precautions can be taken.

Different Seasons for Different Reasons

Puerto Rico at Night. Best Time to Travel to Puerto Rico

Winter is without a doubt the most popular time of year for visitors to come to Puerto Rico, especially from northern climates. This will result in a lively and fun atmosphere, but also higher prices and more abundant crowds. Those who would like a quieter and/or less expensive time of year to visit, should look into summer or shoulder season (November and May).

Carnival is also a major draw to Puerto Rico and Ponce hosts the island’s biggest celebration. The dates on Carnival vary every year depending on when Easter is, but the week leading up to Ash Wednesday is an experience not to be missed featuring parades and parties featuring masked revelers. For a bit more low key party, think about visiting Puerto Rico in June and soaking in the Jazz festival that takes place every year.

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