Planning the Perfect Trip: Best Time to Go to Barbados

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Planning the Perfect Trip: Best Time to Go to Barbados

Posted on November 3. 2014

With its perfect spot at the crossroads of the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas in addition to relative lack of hurricane activity, Barbados is the epitome of an all-year-round Caribbean destination. So, when is the best time to go to Barbados? Well, there is certainly is no bad time to visit, only “really good” times and “even better” times. It all depends on your taste and interests, and today’s post will help you find the best time to visit Barbados for you.

Planning a Trip: Best Time to go to Barbados

Barbados Temperatures

As far as temperatures are concerned, you can rest assured that they stay in the pleasantly warm category pretty much all of the year in Barbados. For example, a typical winter day will have a high temperature of 83° Fahrenheit, with a low of around 70°. On the other hand, a typical summer day will have a high of around 86° Fahrenheit with a low of around 74°. As you can see, things stay consistently warm but not too warm.

Barbados Rainfall

While the temperatures remain steady the entire year, the rain does swing between two distinct seasons. The months of December through to May are definitely the dry season as they typically only receive an inch or two of rain each. Even when it does rain, it typically only does so in short bursts, and therefore your odds of encountering an entire day of rain are extremely low.

The rainy season starts in June and continues on through November with most months receiving 5 or 6 inches of rain. November is the rainiest month of the year, but it is important to understand what the “rainiest month of the year” in Barbados truly means. November only averages around 8 inches of rain, and when you spread that out over 30 days, you can still see that rain shouldn’t be a major factor to affect your holiday.

Different Reasons for Different Seasons

If you are a social butterfly, then winter may be the season for you as many festivals and parties take place in Barbados. The biggest of which are the Barbados Jazz Festival and Holetown Festival. Winter is also the most popular season for tourism in Barbados as North Americans and Europeans flea cold temperatures at home en masse. This provides for bustling bars, restaurants, and social gatherings, so bear that in mind if you are adverse to crowds and high prices.

If you seek a more low-key and local experience, then summer may be the time to visit. The pace of life on the island slows down considerably during the summer months with less crowds and one of the most traditional festivals anywhere in the Caribbean called Crop Over. Crop Over, which started as a celebration of the end of the sugar cane crop, is a festival celebrating Barbados’ culture, music, and dance. Crop Over lasts for a couple months during the summer and for many locals, the party rolls from one weekend to the next, and as a visitor, you are more than welcome to join in the festivities.

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