Best Caribbean Waterfalls

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Best Caribbean Waterfalls

Posted on September 3. 2014

When people come back from the Caribbean, in addition to the fun they have had on the beach and at the swim-up bars, they often talk of fun sights they have seen and experiences they have had outside of the resort. Paramount of those sights and experiences is often seeing one of the many Caribbean waterfalls on dazzling display around the region. Waterfalls are such a beautiful and enchanting form of nature, and seeing one of the best Caribbean waterfalls in person will no doubt help make your holiday. Here are our favorites.

Diamond Falls, St. Lucia

While the twin Piton Mountains may grab most of the headlines in St. Lucia, Diamond Falls may be the true star. Hidden on the grounds of a beautiful botanical garden, water comes to the St. Lucian surface from sulfur springs under the ground and then cascades downhill to form the gorgeous Diamond Falls. The rocks surrounding the falls have taken on many different colors due to the sulfur and that becomes a major thing that sets this waterfall apart. Also, mineral springs are available onsite to relax in.

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Best Caribbean Waterfalls

Concord Falls, Grenada

Nestled in the jungle in Grenada, Concord Falls is a series of three waterfalls that show off Grenada’s natural beauty. The first waterfall is reachable via a path with handrail and if the currents are calm, which they often are, you can swim in the pool that forms at the base of the waterfall. And wasn’t swimming at the base of a waterfall on your bucket list, anyway?

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Best Caribbean Waterfalls

Emerald Pool Falls, Dominica

One of the smaller falls on our list, Emerald Pool Falls in Dominica more than makes up for its lack of size with beauty. Reachable after completing a narrow jungle path hike, the falls are a sight to behold. Given their name because they empty into a teal blue pool, Emerald Pool Falls are probably the closest thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “waterfall”.

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Best Caribbean Waterfalls

Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

No list of waterfalls in the Caribbean would be complete without a mention of what is probably the most famous waterfall in the entire Caribbean: Dunn’s River Falls. While you typically admire Caribbean waterfalls from a safe distance or take a swim in their pools, at Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, you get to actually scale the waterfall. The waterfall is nearly 200 feet tall and 600 feet wide, with a water flow that cascades down over large stones that make step-like features. Visitors typically hold hands and summit the falls together and it makes for a fun and challenging bonding experience.

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Best Caribbean Waterfalls

Maracas Falls, Trinidad

You can’t safely climb this waterfall, but you do get to do a small bit of hiking in order to reach it. That hike makes the waterfall payoff even more worthwhile when you finally come across Maracas Falls. Maracas Falls is the tallest waterfall on Trinidad and is home to a thin mist-like stream that is unmistakably haunting and gorgeous at the same time. Unlike many of the other waterfalls which are well known attractions, this waterfall is still a secret to many, and that’s what helps make it special.

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Best Caribbean Waterfalls


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