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Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon – What to See and Do

Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon - What to See and Do - Infinity Pool
Photo credit: Jade Mountain


Take a Dip in Your Own Private Infinity Pool

If you’re going to want to splash out on any aspect of your Caribbean honeymoon, it’s likely be your room, so you may as well make it the most awe-inspiring room you’ve ever stayed in. Jade Mountain in St Lucia can easily deliver on that, with a range of ‘sanctuaries’ that feature private infinity pools and commanding views over to the majestic Piton Mountains. Impressive or what?

Enjoy a Couples Massage

The Caribbean has no shortage of exceptional spa facilities within its many resorts, but some are more luxurious than others. The huge spa complex within the Four Seasons Resort Nevis, for example, can set you up with a host of indulgent spa treatments for two, like a Caribbean-fusion massage using lemongrass and coconut milk.

Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon - What to See and Do - The Caves
Photo credit: The Caves Resort


Stay in a Private Cottage Carved into the Caves

Never mind a private plunge pool; take it one step further with your own direct sea access. At The Caves resort in Jamaica, a cliffside retreat, each suite has breathtaking views of the water, and some even have direct access to the caves and grottoes below. Dive right in to the Blue Hole –  natural opening in the caves that leads to the glistening sea below.

Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon - What to See and Do - Al fresco dining

Dine Al-Fresco at a Clifftop Restaurant

The Cliff at The Cap is a creative French and West Indian restaurant with one special feature: its open air terrace is situated on a dramatic clifftop with spectacular sea views. Located within the smart Cap Maison hotel in northern St Lucia, even non-residents can dine at this spectacular restaurant, whose views extend out to Martinique.

Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon - What to See and Do - Diving

Splash out on a Spot of World-Class Scuba Diving

For a bonding experience like no other, book yourself onto a scuba diving trip in Bonaire, home to some of the world’s most pristine coral reefs. If you are staying at a dedicated dive resort, the staff will be able to make all of the arrangements for your excursion, but almost all of the hotels on the island offer PADI dive centers or dive tour operations.

Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon - What to See and Do - Hike to a remote beach

Hike to a Remote Beach

There is no beach more apt for a post-wedding vacation than Honeymoon Beach in the Caneel Bay Resort in the USVIs. This beach is just one of seven that make up the resort, but access is limited, meaning that the beach is secluded and often quiet. Hike the short-yet-scenic Lind Point Trail to get to the beach, and you’ll be rewarded with more than just white sand and turquoise waters at the end.

Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon - What to See and Do - Sunset
Photo credit: Peter Island Resort


Watch the Sunset over the Loop

The Loop is a five-mile stretch of road that runs along the southwestern end of Peter Island in the BVIs. From around 5pm to 6.30pm every day you can witness a true Caribbean sunset from the most spectacular vantage point on the island – and the island’s private resort staff will even drop you off with your own fruit and cheese platter to enjoy while the sun sets!


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How to Experience the St. Lucia Drive-In Volcano Tour

As we mentioned in our post about sightseeing in St. Lucia, a drive-in volcano tour at Sulphur Springs is the highlight of many a trip to the Caribbean island. Even if you have never thought about going on a volcano tour before, you should definitely consider one in St. Lucia due to the unique nature of the opportunity Sulphur Springs presents.

In February 2017, the USA Today Reader’s Choice Awards declared the drive-in volcano the ‘Best Caribbean Attraction’. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, we don’t know what is!

Here is all you need to know about taking the St Lucia drive-in volcano tour.

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5 Courses That Prove the Caribbean Is a Golfer’s Paradise

Nothing rounds out a vacation quite like a round of golf, and since the season for hitting the links never ends in the Caribbean, the region has become home to an abundance of places to get some swings in.

While nearly every island is home to a couple of great courses, there are a handful of them scattered throughout the region that are truly a cut above the rest. These courses offer a spectacular blend of design and natural beauty, and just in time for your next golfing getaway, we’ve collected five of our favorites.

Photo credit: Sandy Lane


The Green Monkey, Barbados

The Green Monkey is a slow-burner, as the first few holes meander their way across fairly flat terrain. The back half of the course is the real rock star, as it goes up-and-down and around both manmade (rock quarries) and natural landscapes (massive limestone walls). It crescendos on the 16th hole, where golfers come face-to-face with the namesake green monkey in the form of a par-saving patch of grass in the middle of a massive sandtrap.

Where to stay:  The Club, Barbados Resort & Spa

Photo credit: Casa de Campo


The Teeth Of The Dog, Dominican Republic

The brainchild of the legendary course designer Pete Dye, Teeth Of The Dog has been known to bite golfers who aren’t paying attention to their swing. Seven of the eighteen holes here are located directly by the sea, making a round here as naturally stunning as it challenging. Dye is on the record saying that it’s his favorite course, and we think you’ll agree.

Where to stay: La Romana Luxury Bahia Principe

Photo Credit: The Abaco Club


Abaco Club on Winding Bay, Bahamas

Being located a little off the beaten ‘fairway’ has been a benefit for this course, as it remained a bit of a secret until recently when it collected some major awards. Nearly the entire first half of the course hugs the coast, offering sweeping views of the turquoise waters that the Bahamas are so famous for. Note that it is part of a private club, but you can still play by paying a one-off fee.

Where to stay: Abaco Beach Resort

Photo credit: Canouan Island


Grenadines Estate Golf CLub, St. Vincent & Grenadines

With nearly the entire course surrounded by the sea, this gem is one of the most quintessentially Caribbean courses out there. The first ten holes and the 18th are situated within a stunning natural amphitheater, while the rest work their way up and around the side of Mount Royal, resulting in stunning views of neighboring islands and the Caribbean Sea.

Where to stay: Tamarind Beach Hotel & Yacht Club

Photo credit: Punta Espada


Punta Espada, Dominican Republic

Saving the best for last (and adding another course from the up-and-coming golf mecca that is the Dominican Republic), this Jack Nicklaus gem has been collecting award after award since its opening, including ‘Best Golf Club in the Caribbean or Mexico’ from Golf Week Magazine. Each and every one of the 18 holes here features views of the water, with the course being specifically designed to blend into the landscape around it. This produces a forgiving run that is challenging enough for the Senior PGA Tour to pay a visit to, but also ideal for novices.

Where to stay: Memories Splash Punta Cana


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The Most Exciting Caribbean Events in January

After the lights of the festive season have been taken down and Old Man Winter is knocking on your door, there’s probably no better time to get away to the Caribbean. Yes, the warmth of the holidays may have faded, but that’s no excuse to stay in the cold as the month of January has a host of great events in the Caribbean to make that ‘run for the sun’ even more fun. Here’s a few of our favorites for 2017.

Maroon Festival – Jamaica

The Jamaican Maroon Festival is both a celebratory and educational event that commemorates Jamaica’s Maroon population and its battles to preserve the island from the colonial British. This fascinating annual re-telling story of the Maroons, who were free mountain dwellers, will include dancing, dining and singing competitions. The event takes place on Friday, January 6th.

The Cayman Cookout – Cayman Islands

The Caymans are often said to be the culinary capital of the Caribbean, and this event taking place from January 12th-15th puts a delicious exclamation point on that statement. Some of the finest chefs from all over the world will descend on the islands to showcase their skills and have a little fun, and hungry attendees get to reap the tasty rewards. A highlight of this year’s event is a return appearance by the famous chef and travel show host Anthony Bourdain, who is sure to bring some of his signature storytelling to the cookout.

Photo credit: Artisanal Aperture


‘Round The Island Race – Antigua

On January 14th, the annual race around the island will once again take place in Antigua at the Antigua Yacht Club. This event is a blast for yachties or just those who like to enjoy the sight of elegant ships sailing their way around beautiful sea shores. In a fun twist on things, many tourists and islanders alike follow the yachts around the island on foot, while enjoying a cool tropical drink, making it a thrilling experience even if you don’t get your deck shoes wet. Expect plenty of post-race revelry as well.

Mount Gay ‘Round Barbados Race Series – Barbados

Another ‘must sail’ for the yacht crowd and ‘must watch’ for those that are fans of racing is the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series held from January 16th-24th. The races take place over three days, but the competitions are only part of the attraction of this event as the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series also includes dinners, dancing, and live music. Many of these events are open to all, not just those who took to the high seas.

Pre-Carnival – Aruba

Aruba gets its Carnival celebration off to an early start by filling the January page in the calendar with a myriad of events that all build until the Carnival crescendo in February. Highlights of the events in January are the crowning of a Queen of Carnival and a Ms. Carnival along with dance troupe competitions that serve as a process to whittle down the large fields looking to dance at the main Carnival performances later on in February.

Caribbean Events in January

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The Best Active Sports in the Caribbean

You probably know that the Caribbean is one of the best places in the world to simply just lay around and get some sun, but did you know that it’s also a playground for almost every active sport imaginable? It’s true, and while the possibilities are nearly endless, there are a few that standout at the best active sports in the Caribbean, and they are the subjects of today’s post. Sweat-proof sunscreen not-included.

Puerto Rico surfing


While Hawaii, Bali, or Australia may come to mind first when it comes to surfing, the Caribbean packs in plenty of wave-riding fun. The Atlantic side of most outlying islands are home to quality breaks, with almost every island in the region having something to offer the surfer. Furthermore, nothing goes hand-in-hand with surfing like the laid back Caribbean lifestyle. A couple of the best spots for hanging ten are Rincon, Puerto Rico (made legendary by The Beach Boys and home to one of the finest surf schools on the planet) and Barbados (several world class spots including the Soup Bowl).

Diving in Belize


Nothing gets the heart pumping quite like a trip to the exhilarating world full of color under the sea, and the Caribbean is full of great diving spots to discover. Everything from world famous reefs, giant blue holes, eerie shipwrecks, and cities full of stingrays are dying to be discovered, with Belize (home to everything from the dark and mysterious Great Blue Hole to the kaleidoscopic Glover’s Reef), Bonaire (its marine park has over 80 dive sites), and the Cayman Islands topping the list of best places to go diving.

Kitesurfing Venezuela


Harnessing the wind with your kite and taking to the air is an experience unlike any other, and the region has become a hub for the fluttering fun. Whether you’re an expert already or just want to learn how to kitesurf for the first time, there are plenty of places to learn how to ride the winds in Caribbean. A couple of the best kitesurfing spots are Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, Union Island off the Grenadines, and our personal favorite: Margarita Island in Venezuela.

Hiking in Dominica


Home to plenty of steep volcanic peaks and sprawling jungle-covered valleys, the Caribbean is awash with opportunities to scale mountains and hike across island interiors. Many trails reward hikers with sweeping views to the shades of blue offshore, with a few of the best places to hike being St. Lucia, (famous for its twin Pitons), lush Dominica (awash in jungle-trekking opportunities), and the Dominican Republic, home to the highest mountain in the entire Caribbean in Pico Duarte.

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands


Any experienced seaman will be glad to tell you that sailing requires the utmost of physical stamina and strength, and there’s no better place to sail in the world than the Caribbean. Island-hopping is a sport here, and whether you own your own boat or are looking to rent one, you’ll find all the tools you need to get sailing on most islands, with the British Virgin Islands being regarded as the capital of the Caribbean sailing circuit.


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