Aruba: The Best Sightseeing and Activities

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Aruba: The Best Sightseeing and Activities

Posted on June 14. 2018

Fun fact: the popular holiday destination of Aruba actually belongs to the Netherlands! This is one of the many surprising and interesting facts about Aruba that will help you learn more about this tourist destination before you decide to spend your vacation there.

In fact, over a million tourists visit this Dutch island every year, not only to enjoy the picturesque sea views but also to explore the numerous natural treasures of this island.

Here are some major goals that you can set for your Aruba vacation.

Shopping for Local Indulgences


Shopping in Aruba

This island is a unique combination of both Dutch and Caribbean cultures, giving you access to amazing, exclusive souvenirs that will make your mouth water in no time. Among the variety of indulgences that you can shop for at local groceries, the European chocolates and cheeses and local spices are very popular. If you have enough to spare, then consider visiting retail stores around the Oranjestad shopping district to get your hands on rare collectables like Dutch sweets, local goods and crafts, and Caribbean papaya sauce (hot), among others.

Exploring the Natural Treasures


Arikok National Park

Sightseeing in Aruba is incomplete without making a trip to the famous Arikok National Park. This natural beauty is marked by fascinating plants such as various cacti species, and animal life forms including varieties of snakes and lizards, donkeys, birds of different species and wild goats. The main attraction of this National Park is the Conchi natural pool, where visitors flock to gape at the immaculate beauty of nature. Other intriguing tourist spots include the Ayo Rock Formations and the Casibari Boulders.

Visiting Various Beaches


Aruba Palm Beach

One of the most prominent attractions of Aruba is the diverse beaches that this island houses. Not only do you get to enjoy scenic views along these beaches, but they also offer you a wide range of activities to engage in during your Aruba vacation, such as snorkel cruise in Arashi, Mangel Halto and Boca Catalina, surfing in Andicuri and Grapefield, and kite surfing in Boca Grandi. The most popular among the beaches is Eagle Beach, with its white sands and twin trees. Other beaches to visit for sunbathing and swimming include the Druif Beach, Rodger’s Beach, Palm Beach and Baby Beach. If you are a nature lover, you will get your fill in these beaches, as sea turtles and pelicans can be easily spotted just off-shore.

Paying a Visit to the Exquisite Museums


Archaeological Museum Aruba

For those of you who are curious to learn more about the history and culture of the Aruba Islands, visiting the museums will enrich your knowledge about this place. The history of Aruba is pretty exciting, with Indians and pirates dominating much of its past. Learn all about the origin of Arawak Indians by visiting the National Archeological Museum in Aruba. The Zoutman Historical Museum is another hot spot for those interested in finding out more about Dutch pirates and settlers of the 1700s.

With all the above items on your to-do list, you and your loved ones can make the most of your holidaying and sightseeing in Aruba.

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