Adjuntas Travel Tips

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Adjuntas Travel Tips

Posted on April 16. 2013


The population of Adjuntas is around 20,000.


Spanish and English are the official languages of Adjuntas.


The currency in Adjuntas is the U.S. Dollar. Avoid carrying larger bills as many businesses will not be able to change them. Credit cards are widely accepted although using them may incur a fee. ATMs can be found in banks and grocery stores although you may be charged a fee or asked to make a donation to a local charity for using them. It is advisable not to carry travelers cheques as these are difficult to exchange.


The electricity in Adjuntas is 110 Volts, 60Hz and the power outlets are identical to those found in the U.S. & Canada.

Attire Etiquette 

Casual attire is considered standard and lightweight tropical clothing is advised during the day. In the evenings when temperatures drop, you may require a light sweater or jacket. Visitors should be aware that some restaurants and casinos require smart casual clothing in the evening.