A Quick Guide To Bonaire Diving

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A Quick Guide To Bonaire Diving

Posted on April 6. 2015

Bonaire diving is renowned for being some of the most beautiful and most accessible anywhere in the Caribbean. In fact, the whole coastline of Bonaire has been declared an official marine sanctuary by the government which protects and enriches the experience for all divers. As a result, diving is easily at the top of most people’s list of things to do in Bonaire.

Quick Guide to Bonaire Diving

One of the unique things about Bonaire is the fact that almost all dives are easily accessible by being directly offshore. In fact, just simply renting a truck on the island is your first step to getting in the water. How so? Well, Bonaire marks their offshore dive sites with yellow stones, so you can simply cruise around the island and then turn off the road when you see a yellow stone.

With over 100 Bonaire dive sites to choose from, you will inevitably have to make a few decisions on where to go.  To make that decision a little easier for you, here is our mini-guide to Bonaire diving to help you choose where to head underwater and get happily in over your head with colorful and fascinating sea life.

Quick Guide to Bonaire Diving

Where to Dive


Front Porch

Perfect for novice divers and a great dive to get your feet wet (figuratively and literally), you will find Front Porch just off the shore at the Sunset Beach Resort.  Sea life is described as colorfully prolific at only 15 feet underwater and there is also a tug boat shipwreck home to garden eels to explore as well.

1000 Steps

There are really only 64 steps down to 1000 Steps, but, as legend says, it feels a little more like 1000 on your way up after the dive. While you’re underwater at 1000 steps, snapper are a common sight, along with mantas, whale sharks, and Hawksbill turtles.

Quick Guide to Bonaire Diving

Bari Reef

According to REEF (the Reef Environmental Education Foundation), Bari Reef is home to more species of sea life than anywhere else in the Caribbean. Located directly off the local dive shop’s pier, Bari Reef is home to Frogfish, Filefish, and Tarpon among hundreds of others and for those that love incorporating fish identification games into their dives, this is the spot for you on Bonaire.

Klein Bonaire

The one major exception to the shore diving rule, Klein Bonaire is a small island off the coast of Bonaire, home to some of most untouched coral reefs in Bonaire. Rare fish life is often spotted here in addition to large sea turtles. Shore diving is not allowed on Klein Bonaire, so you must approach by boat.

Sweet Dreams

With depths that vary between 9 and 25 meters, Sweet Dreams is a dive best enjoyed by experienced divers due to fairly strong currents. The star of the show at Sweet Dreams is the coral reef, which is large in both hard and soft varieties, and as it is so vibrantly colorful it is said to dance in your dreams the night after you dive in.

Five Beautiful Bonaire Resorts

Where to Stay


Buddy Dive Bonaire – Beautiful resort on Bonaire’s shores home to expert dive service famous for their Drive Thru Tank System.

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