Guide to San Andres Island, Colombia

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Guide to San Andres Island, Colombia

Posted on June 11. 2015

Hands down the most popular of the islands in Colombia, San Andres Island is an absolute oasis set in the Caribbean Sea. Due to it’s location and unique culture, the island isn’t quite as visited as some of its Caribbean cousins (yet), but all it usually takes is one visit for people to become hooked on San Andres Island for life. Here is a quick guide to San Andres Island, Colombia.

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Where is San Andres Island?

While proudly a part of Colombia, San Andres is located nearly 400 miles from the Colombian coast. In fact, it is much closer to the central Caribbean and the nation of Nicaragua than it is South American Colombia. Some regard San Andres Island as the “northernmost part of South America”, and the location of San Andres Island leads to some of the prettiest water anywhere in the world and a Spanish feeling unlike any other Caribbean island.

A Guide to San Andres Island

How To Get to San Andres Island

San Andres can be reached by direct flights from all major cities in Colombia, Cartagena, Cali, Bogota. Many people combine their trip to San Andres with a trip to one of these towns since you will likely be flying into one of these cities prior to going to San Andres. Flights are also available from the countries of Costa Rica and Panama.

A Guide to San Andres Island

What to do on San Andres Island

Obviously, sunbathing in the morning, swimming during the afternoon, and strolls on the beach at sunset are highly recommended every day on San Andres Island, but if you want to change it up, these activities will add a splash of fun:

Snorkel at El Acuario – This shallow stretch of water just offshore is home to literally hundreds of different types of colorful sea life, and its location allows you to essentially just walk straight in to this kaleidoscope from the beach.

Visit Cayo Bolivar – This cay – a 45 minute boat ride from San Andres – may be the finest beach in and around San Andres. This cay is dubbed paradise by almost all who visit and convenient day trips are available at the marina that often include lunch.

See Henry Morgan’s Cave – This recreation of a cave where the famous pirate Henry Morgan allegedly hid some buried treasure is perfect for children as they will get to see pirates in the flesh and even traditional island dancing.

A Guide to San Andres Island

Where to Stay

Hotel Royal Decameron Aquarium All Inclusive – Located on the premier beach on San Andres Island, the signature round towers of this hotel look out to sea and provide guests with amazing views of the Caribbean to top off the all inclusive luxury.

Sol Caribe Sea Flower – Located near the fun and frolicking Paintball San Andres, this all -inclusive hotel is home to a beautiful pool, nightclub, and a fitness center and the star of the show: 4 exclusive restaurants.

A Guide to San Andres Island

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