6 Bonaire Activities For Every Vacation

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6 Bonaire Activities For Every Vacation

Posted on March 26. 2015

While much of your time in Bonaire will no doubt be spent maximizing your relaxation, no trip to Bonaire would be complete without taking part in a few active and fun pursuits, too. Luckily, the island is chock-full of a wide array of them to take part in. The best Bonaire activities are those that combine the island’s stunning and unique natural beauty with an adrenaline pumping day out, and here are our picks for best Bonaire activities.


Receiving winds that are perfect for kiteboarding nearly ever day of the year, Bonaire kiteboarding is one of the newest activities to truly take off on the island. The southwest section of the island is the hub of the Bonaire kiteboarding revolution and the island’s famous Bonaire Kiteboarding School is an amazing resource for both beginner’s and veteran kitesurfers.

6 Bonaire Activities For Every Vacation


Home to hundreds of kilometers of bike paths, the terrain of Bonaire is absolutely perfect for biking. The bike paths in Bonaire are typically marked with blue stones and while you are biking be sure to pay attention to the unique natural landscapes that dot the paths and of course keep an eye out for some of the island’s famous wandering donkeys.

6 Bonaire Activities For Every Vacation - Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Appreciating the colorful life under Bonaire’s waters is without a doubt one of the most mesmerizing and inspiring Bonaire activities available to visitors. What makes snorkeling and scuba diving unique and fun here is that many times an underwater quest on Bonaire starts with simply keeping your eyes peeled above water. Many roads in Bonaire are marked with yellow stones to indicate precisely where to turn off for colorful coral and other exciting finds on the shore. Once off the road and on the beach, most of the time you won’t even have to go too far underwater to find something to take your breath away as snorkeling can be just as rewarding as scuba diving in Bonaire.


Charter fishing boats of all sizes and shapes are available all over the island. Fishing in Bonaire offers a great opportunity for visitors to get out on the open water, enjoy some calm and quiet, and then bring something home to grill for dinner.

6 Bonaire Activities For Every Vacation

Flamingo Watching

Bonaire’s fair-feathered national symbol, the flamingo, can be spotted around the island and many visitors find flamingo watching to be the perfect mix of adrenaline rush and animal appreciation. The salt ponds located around Lake Gotomeer National Park and Pekelmeer Sanctuary are the best places to indulge in this most unique and graceful of all Bonaire activities.


Home to hundreds upon hundreds of caves full of intrigue, caving is one of the newer and most popular Bonaire activities. Many of Bonaire’s caves and their hidden ecosystems are now open for exploring and learning sessions all done safely under the guidance of a professional guide.

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