Six Best Beaches in Turks and Caicos

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Six Best Beaches in Turks and Caicos

Posted on November 24. 2014

While Turks and Caicos is home to a myriad of wonderful sights to see, activities to take part in, and plenty of relaxing, plush resorts, the star of the show on these islands is definitely the beaches.

Blessed with a bounty of softly broken-down scraps of coral and seashells, the sand in the Turks and Caicos is as soft and as powdery as you will find anywhere in the Caribbean. Couple this with a collection of calm waters surrounding the islands, and the beaches in Turks and Caicos are easily some of the best in the Caribbean. Here are our picks for the best beaches in Turks and Caicos.

The 6 Best Beaches in Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Beach – Providenciales

Regarded as not only one of the best beaches in Turks and Caicos,  but the entire world, Grace Bay Beach is the head of a very talented beach class. Located on Providenciales, Grace Bay Beach currently sits as the second ranked beach in the world on Tripadvisor, and one look will show you why. Home to crystal clear water, white sand, and absolutely no pebbles or other foreign objects, this beach is the beach of your dreams. Much of the credit goes to a large barrier reef that sits a mile offshore that protects Grace Bay from the crashing Atlantic Ocean. A stop here is a must on your trip to Turks and Caicos before you set off for more secluded beaches.

The 6 Best Beaches in Turks and Caicos

Bambarra Beach  & Mudjin Harbor Beach – Middle Caicos

These two beaches right next to each other are the stars of Middle Caicos. Bambarra Beach is a tree-lined beauty with ample space to lounge and is home to a handful of fun festivals during the year.

Mudjin Harbor Beach, on the other hand, is home to rocky cliffs, caves, coves, and sandy beaches. This unique combination makes Mudjin Harbor Beach unique among the beaches in Turks and Caicos

Governor’s Beach – Grand Turk

Well known for being a beautiful beach offering plenty of shade under a welcoming group of pine trees, Governor’s Beach is one of the best beaches in Turks and Caicos and hands down the highlight of Grand Turk. This beach is close to the Cruise Center where numerous cruise ships dock, so makes for the perfect beach to visit if you only have a couple hours in Turks and Caicos.

The 6 Best Beaches in Turks and Caicos

Malcolm Roads Beach – Providenciales

For those looking for a slightly more off-the-beaten path beach with a more wild and natural setting, Malcolm Roads Beach is perfect. Getting to Malcolm Roads Beach is half the fun as a wild and woolly all-terrain vehicle is the main way to arrive at this stretch of sand. Malcolm Roads isn’t the most idyllic beach as it is fairly isolated and the surf here churns more than anywhere else on the island, but this is all part of the charm.

The 6 Best Beaches in Turks and Caicos

Whitby Beach and Surrounds – North Caicos

Providing the best swimming and sunbathing opportunities on North Caicos, Whitby Beach is a dream come true with sugary white sand and teal blue waves. The surrounding beaches of Horsestable Beach and Three Marys Cays Beach both offer spectacular snorkeling opportunities as conch shells and aquatic life abound in their waters. All in all, this little stretch has a little bit of everything!

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