5 of the Most Popular Belize Excursions

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5 of the Most Popular Belize Excursions

Posted on March 5. 2015

Going on an exciting and fun excursion is often the perfect exclamation point on a trip to Belize, or anywhere in the Caribbean for that matter. Belize excursions are full of especially exciting options as the country is home to a unique combination of wonders on both land and in the sea like almost nowhere else on Earth. Here are some of our favorite excursions in Belize to enjoy next time you’re there.

5 of the Most Popular Belize Excursions


To some, inner tubes are just a round floating device best suited for lazy days on calm waters. Well, don’t tell that to the inner tubers in Belize, as tubing is one of the wettest and wildest Belize excursions going. Most tubing excursions will take place on a river or in a cave – river tubing typically mixes both scenic floating time and stretches of fast rapids and during cave tubing, you will get the chance to float by waterfalls and cave life.

5 of the Most Popular Belize Excursions


You have probably been to zoos in your own country that are home to animals from all over the world, but at the Belize Zoo, the animals are all from Belize. This gives you a real look into the wonders of Belize’s animal kingdom. Its official name is the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center and it does a fantastic job of both showing visitors animals that are native to Belize like Jaguars, Gibnuts, and Tapir and educating them on the unique environment in which they all live.

The Best Mayan Ruins in Belize

(Mayan) Ruining

Whether you decide to trek deep into the jungle to gaze at Caracol or simply sprinkle in the coastal ruins of Cerro Maya with a day at the beach, viewing a set of the Mayan Ruins in Belize is a fun and educational excursion. Dotted all over the nation, there is sure to be a set of ruins near your resort and often times a trip can be combined with one of the other Belize excursions on our list to make for a truly memorable day out.


Belize is home to a bevy of lush green jungle, and you simply have to see some of it with your own eyes while there, so why not try admiring the jungle while soaring high above it? For the uninitiated, ziplining is essentially the act of flying through air while attached to a line of wire. In Belize, this experience will typically be over jungle canopy making for very scenic flights. Zipliniers remark that even though the experience lasts only a minute or two, the memories have a tendency to last a lifetime.

From Museums to Mayans: The Best Things to Do in Belize

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

A day out on the open sea admiring the colorful and enthralling marine life below the surface is the stuff that dreams are made of, and they come true in the blue of Belize’s coastal waters. Home to a huge swath of the famous Great Maya Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world, you are almost guaranteed to see something that dazzles your eye here. Divers in the know make a beeline for the Great Blue Hole, as it’s a one of kind underwater wonder.


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