5 of the Best and Most Beautiful Anguilla Beaches

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5 of the Best and Most Beautiful Anguilla Beaches

Posted on January 16. 2015

There’s just no need to beat around the bush: the beach is probably one of the top reasons you are heading to Anguilla. And for good reason, as the thirty-three beaches on Anguilla are without a doubt some of the finest in the entire Caribbean. Some Anguilla beaches are isolated and make you feel like you have stumbled onto your own private isle, while others are located directly next to (or even belong to) luxurious Anguilla beach resorts. Either way, you simply cannot go wrong, and here is a list of our top five favorite Anguilla beaches.

5 Best Anguilla Beaches

Rendezvous Bay

The longest and most well-known of all Anguilla beaches, Rendezvous Bay Beach is a perfect base for all seasons and all pursuits. Stretching over three magnificent miles and offering views to neighboring St. Martin, Rendezvous Bay is absolutely perfect for long walks at sunset, morning jogs, or wet-and-wild watersports. If you’d rather keep your beach activity level a little lower and just simply work on your tan, it is perfect for that too, and with over three miles of beach to choose from, you are bound to find your own little slice of paradise.

Little Bay Beach

If it’s seclusion and adventure you seek, then Little Bay Beach is the right choice for you. Surrounded by scenic cliffs,  intimate Little Bay Beach can only be reached by boat or by climbing down its surrounding cliffs. Once you arrive, you are rewarded with powder white sand and scenic surrounds that will have you thinking you have left Anguilla behind and arrived on your own castaway island.

Sandy Ground Beach

If you like your beach fully stocked with watering holes, then Sandy Ground is your spot. Home to the most fun and rollicking of all Anguilla beach bars, Sandy Ground Beach is where you come to have a good time. Solitude is not the main attraction to Sandy Ground Beach, as you will often be joined by scores of your new best friends from all over the world all having the time of their life bouncing back-and-forth between the surf and the service bar.

5 Best Anguilla Beaches

Barnes Bay Beach

Home beach for the Viceroy Anguilla, Barnes Bay Beach is famous for feeling calm and peaceful even during high season. This soothing atmosphere no doubt spills over from the nearby Viceroy, and Barnes Bay Beach is a highlight stop on any sunny tour of Anguilla beaches.

5 Best Anguilla Beaches

Shoal Bay East Beach

Regarded as a combination of all the best Anguilla beaches, Shoal Bay East Beach has been rated number one in the entire world and one stroll down its shores will show you why. The sand and surf is perfect for swimming or simply lounging, and at two miles long, it is big enough to accommodate both the swanky hotels that line it shores and the sun worshipers who also value a little space. Several venerable Anguilla beach bars have called Shoal Bay East Beach home for decades, and they offer a laid back place to cool down and re-charge.

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