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Top Five Foodie Islands in the Caribbean

Top Five Foodie Islands in the Caribbean

More and more people consider themselves foodies nowadays, and when they take a trip, they pack their appetite for great meals with them.

In the Caribbean, foodies are especially spoiled for choice as you will find world class restaurants and fresh seafood shacks on nearly each and every island in the region.

Whether it be at a five-star hotel or a roadside restaurant, being a foodie is all about finding that magical local food experience, and the following foodie islands in the Caribbean are five of the best.   



Boasting more restaurants per square mile of sand than anywhere else in the region, Anguilla has become a foodie’s dream come true. The island’s restaurant scene has blossomed over the course of the last two decades, with Anguilla gaining a reputation for being a very restaurateur-friendly environment. Chefs are encouraged to try out new things here, and as a result, you will find a varied mix of international cuisine besides the Caribbean seafood staples.

Where to feast: Blanchard’s is one of the standard bearers on the island, and Smokey’s at the Cove serves up beachside ribs.


St. Martin


Often considered the gourmet capital of the Caribbean, the flavor of St. Martin’s French heritage can be found in fine establishments all over the island. From bakeries that will serve you a fresh baguette to stylish dining rooms serving up the latest culinary trends, you can’t go wrong on the French side of this island. Foodies also make a beeline for the island’s famous ‘lolos’, humble beachside shacks serving up fresh grilled meat or fish.

Where to feast: Canoa is renowned for serving international cuisine kissed with Caribbean flavor, while Chez Coco tops the lists of lolos.




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Jamaica may be world famous for their spicy jerk chicken and pork (often barbecued street side), but make no mistake, the restaurants here hold their own too. The all-inclusive resorts are the hub of the fine dining activity here and almost all feature a gourmet restaurant or two. Adventurous foodies will almost always be rewarded if they follow their nose off property though.

Where to feast: Scotchies is home to some of the most celebrated jerk chicken on the island, while The Sugar Mill offers refined dining at Half Moon Bay resort.


Cayman Islands


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The three Cayman Islands have managed to attract a wealth of highly regarded chefs in recent years, and no matter which island you stay on, you are destined to dine in style. Jamaican, European, and even Central American influences are on display on the plates here,

Where to feast:  Blue by Eric Ripert is known for decadent Caribbean seafood, while Agua entrances with a stunning interior and menu full of international dishes.


Turks & Caicos


Conch is the star of the show in Turks & Caicos, as this marvelous mollusk is plentiful in the twin islands’ waters. You will find the delicacy served up in everything from fritters to creamy chowder here and will be thinking about the unique taste long after you are home.

Where to feast: Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl serves up conch in creative ways, while Coyaba has an award-winning chef at the helm and tantalizes with its seven-course Caribbean tasting menu.  


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