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7 of the Best Caribbean Beach Bars

7 of the Best Caribbean Beach Bars

To some, a beach bar is simply just an establishment that serves beverages that also happens to be located near the sand.

At Caribbean Winds, we know better than that, as to be a considered one of the best Caribbean beach bars, it must be full of friendly faces, serve great drinks, and create the type of moments you miss as soon as you board the plane back home. And of course, it must be located near the beach (or in the water) – preferably with a view of the sunset.

Perhaps most importantly, great Caribbean beach bars have an authentic ambiance that welcomes all and an atmosphere that simply can’t be duplicated or replicated.

Here are seven of our favorite Caribbean beach bars.  

Froggie’s on Da Beach – Turks & Caicos


This two-storey wooden bar splashed with pastel planks is revered in Turks & Caicos for serving up seafood and laid back libations. Each and every day, a menu full of fresh-caught delicacies are plated up – including an award-winning conch salad. In the evenings at Froggie’s, you will find a collection of locals and tourists enjoying rum drinks and balmy breezes.


Foxy’s Bar – British Virgin Islands

Located on the secluded sands of Jost Van Dyke, Foxy’s is an absolute legend when it comes to fun in the sun. It’s a little harder to get out to this small island, but as they are fond of saying there, the journey is half the fun. Whether you spend a day with your toes in the sand topping up your tan or dance the night away at one of their world famous holiday-themed parties (Old Year’s Night on December 31st is their most well known) you’re sure to have a great time and meet some new friends.


Umbrella’s – Grenada

Located just off Grand Anse Beach, Umbrella’s offers budget-friendly beers and tasty bites that pair great with the sunset views from their two-storey deck.  No need to pack an umbrella though, because if you happen to catch a rainy day, that means you just have an excuse to stay for the live music.


Willy T’s – British Virgin Islands

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Located just off the shore of Norman Island in the BVIs, the ship William Thornton is the home of Willy T’s bar. The bar can only be reached by boat or water taxi, but the revelers that make the journey are treated to a rollicking good time on the waves and many choose to dive into the water for a cool down during their stay.


Rick’s Cafe – Jamaica

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This thatched-roof megabar that put Negril on the map may be world famous and it may be thronged with crowds nearly every day, but we still love Rick’s. Because, after all, where else can you jump off rock cliffs into the Caribbean Sea and watch the sun sink into the water at the same time?


Elvis’ Beach Bar – Anguilla

Located at Sandy Ground in Anguilla, Elvis has become as big as the King himself on this sunny island. Originally located in a wooden boat with power only provided by extension chords, Elvis’ has now grown into a full restaurant and bar. It’s still rustic though, as your feet will get sandy will you sip their signature rum punch.


Soggy Dollar Bar – British Virgin Islands

Not many Caribbean beach bars can say they invented a drink that has gone global, but not many bars are like the Soggy Dollar. This teal blue beach shack on Jost Van Dyke invented the Painkiller in the 1970s, and they still pour this rum-tastic concoction each and every day. Despite all the fame, the bar remains low on frills but filled with fun.

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