Month: June 2017

The Most Romantic Places in the Caribbean

While it could be argued that the entire Caribbean exudes an atmosphere that is the epitome of romantic, there are a few places that we’ve discovered over the years (or have been told by our clients) that seem to be a little more romantic than others.

So whether you are planning a destination wedding, a honeymoon, or just a romantic getaway, here are some of the most romantic places in the Caribbean to consider.

St Lucia - Most Romantic Places in the Caribbean

St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s twin Pitons mountains are perhaps the Caribbean’s most famous couple, but with the popularity of the island as a romantic Caribbean getaway, they have plenty of company.  Many resorts on the island feature stunning views of these mountains, and we can’t imagine anything more romantic than staring out from the pool at the Jade Mountain Resort with a view of these peaks standing side-by-side. Another point in its favor as a romantic Caribbean destination is that while it is certainly a popular island for travelers, there is still plenty of serene space left on the beaches of St. Lucia – perfect for long sunset walks.  

BVIs - Most Romantic Places in the Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are consistently recognized for their romantic ambiance, with many of this acclaim due to the fact that so many of the resorts located here are situated on private islands. These islands offer the ultimate in seclusion, where couples can truly feel as though they set off and left the bustling (and very un-romantic) real world behind.

St Barts - Most Romantic Places in the Caribbean

St. Barts (Saint-Barthélemy)

An outpost of Parisian sophistication under the Caribbean sun, you will feel that fabulous French ‘romantique’ from the moment you land on St. Barts. The crowd on St. Barts is nearly as beautiful as the beaches, and the shopping and dining the island is famous for is bound to make anyone feel like a starlet. In fact, the streets of the capital, Gustavia, are lined with the same stores you would expect to see in a major European capital.  When it comes to dining, extravagant French imports abound, destined to make any night out on the island feel as special as Valentine’s Day back home.

Jamaica - Most Romantic Places in the Caribbean


Jamaica is the country that gave the world the sultry sounds of reggae, and at one point recently, the country even used ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley as their tourism slogan. The song fits this place perfectly, and you will definitely feel the love in Jamaica from the moment you touch down. The island is covered in dense jungle and waterfalls, which make for the perfect backdrop for romance, not to mention being lined with gorgeous white sand beaches and a myriad of bars famous for their atmospheric sunset viewing parties. This island has also become a hub for weddings, with many couples returning each and every year to rekindle the romance.

Mexico - Most Romantic Places in the Caribbean


With a culture full of spice, Mexico knows how to rev up the romance as well. Sure, the Mayan Riviera has plenty of big and busy resorts, but there are also plenty of places like the Blue Diamond where you will find seclusion by the teal blue sea. In addition to the beaches, the mixture of ancient archaeological ruins and otherworldly caverns are a must-see in Mexico and are bound to make any couple feel like they are the leading couple in their own Action Adventure film.  

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