Month: December 2016

The Most Exciting Caribbean Events in January

After the lights of the festive season have been taken down and Old Man Winter is knocking on your door, there’s probably no better time to get away to the Caribbean. Yes, the warmth of the holidays may have faded, but that’s no excuse to stay in the cold as the month of January has a host of great events in the Caribbean to make that ‘run for the sun’ even more fun. Here’s a few of our favorites for 2017.

Maroon Festival – Jamaica

The Jamaican Maroon Festival is both a celebratory and educational event that commemorates Jamaica’s Maroon population and its battles to preserve the island from the colonial British. This fascinating annual re-telling story of the Maroons, who were free mountain dwellers, will include dancing, dining and singing competitions. The event takes place on Friday, January 6th.

The Cayman Cookout – Cayman Islands

The Caymans are often said to be the culinary capital of the Caribbean, and this event taking place from January 12th-15th puts a delicious exclamation point on that statement. Some of the finest chefs from all over the world will descend on the islands to showcase their skills and have a little fun, and hungry attendees get to reap the tasty rewards. A highlight of this year’s event is a return appearance by the famous chef and travel show host Anthony Bourdain, who is sure to bring some of his signature storytelling to the cookout.

Photo credit: Artisanal Aperture


‘Round The Island Race – Antigua

On January 14th, the annual race around the island will once again take place in Antigua at the Antigua Yacht Club. This event is a blast for yachties or just those who like to enjoy the sight of elegant ships sailing their way around beautiful sea shores. In a fun twist on things, many tourists and islanders alike follow the yachts around the island on foot, while enjoying a cool tropical drink, making it a thrilling experience even if you don’t get your deck shoes wet. Expect plenty of post-race revelry as well.

Mount Gay ‘Round Barbados Race Series – Barbados

Another ‘must sail’ for the yacht crowd and ‘must watch’ for those that are fans of racing is the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series held from January 16th-24th. The races take place over three days, but the competitions are only part of the attraction of this event as the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series also includes dinners, dancing, and live music. Many of these events are open to all, not just those who took to the high seas.

Pre-Carnival – Aruba

Aruba gets its Carnival celebration off to an early start by filling the January page in the calendar with a myriad of events that all build until the Carnival crescendo in February. Highlights of the events in January are the crowning of a Queen of Carnival and a Ms. Carnival along with dance troupe competitions that serve as a process to whittle down the large fields looking to dance at the main Carnival performances later on in February.

Caribbean Events in January

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