Month: November 2016

The Best Active Sports in the Caribbean

You probably know that the Caribbean is one of the best places in the world to simply just lay around and get some sun, but did you know that it’s also a playground for almost every active sport imaginable? It’s true, and while the possibilities are nearly endless, there are a few that standout at the best active sports in the Caribbean, and they are the subjects of today’s post. Sweat-proof sunscreen not-included.

Puerto Rico surfing


While Hawaii, Bali, or Australia may come to mind first when it comes to surfing, the Caribbean packs in plenty of wave-riding fun. The Atlantic side of most outlying islands are home to quality breaks, with almost every island in the region having something to offer the surfer. Furthermore, nothing goes hand-in-hand with surfing like the laid back Caribbean lifestyle. A couple of the best spots for hanging ten are Rincon, Puerto Rico (made legendary by The Beach Boys and home to one of the finest surf schools on the planet) and Barbados (several world class spots including the Soup Bowl).

Diving in Belize


Nothing gets the heart pumping quite like a trip to the exhilarating world full of color under the sea, and the Caribbean is full of great diving spots to discover. Everything from world famous reefs, giant blue holes, eerie shipwrecks, and cities full of stingrays are dying to be discovered, with Belize (home to everything from the dark and mysterious Great Blue Hole to the kaleidoscopic Glover’s Reef), Bonaire (its marine park has over 80 dive sites), and the Cayman Islands topping the list of best places to go diving.

Kitesurfing Venezuela


Harnessing the wind with your kite and taking to the air is an experience unlike any other, and the region has become a hub for the fluttering fun. Whether you’re an expert already or just want to learn how to kitesurf for the first time, there are plenty of places to learn how to ride the winds in Caribbean. A couple of the best kitesurfing spots are Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, Union Island off the Grenadines, and our personal favorite: Margarita Island in Venezuela.

Hiking in Dominica


Home to plenty of steep volcanic peaks and sprawling jungle-covered valleys, the Caribbean is awash with opportunities to scale mountains and hike across island interiors. Many trails reward hikers with sweeping views to the shades of blue offshore, with a few of the best places to hike being St. Lucia, (famous for its twin Pitons), lush Dominica (awash in jungle-trekking opportunities), and the Dominican Republic, home to the highest mountain in the entire Caribbean in Pico Duarte.

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands


Any experienced seaman will be glad to tell you that sailing requires the utmost of physical stamina and strength, and there’s no better place to sail in the world than the Caribbean. Island-hopping is a sport here, and whether you own your own boat or are looking to rent one, you’ll find all the tools you need to get sailing on most islands, with the British Virgin Islands being regarded as the capital of the Caribbean sailing circuit.


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