Month: May 2016

Six Great Reasons to Visit Grenada

Affectionately dubbed ‘The Spice Island’, Grenada is home to a peppery slice of true Caribbean life, gorgeous natural scenery, and stunning sweeps of beach. In this post, we are taking a deep dive into six of our favorite reasons to visit Grenada in the Caribbean.

Six Great Reasons to Visit Grenada

The Authentic Atmosphere

While we love Grenada, and everyone who visits ends up loving Grenada, the island still somehow manages to feel like a bit of a secret compared to some its more famous Caribbean cousins. Tourism in Grenada is definitely big business, and as a result, you’ll find all the luxury and comfort you crave, but you’ll never feel overwhelmed by it here. This creates a truly special atmosphere, one that makes a visit to the island feel like a step back in time – a journey you won’t have to sacrifice any modern conveniences to take.

Six Great Reasons to Visit Grenada - Grand Anse Beach

The Grandeur of Grand Anse Beach

Hands-down the finest stretch of sand on Grenada, Grand Anse Beach is home to nearly two full miles of soft sand and teal blue water. Its location on the leeward side of the island shelters it from strong waves, making it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, or simply just bobbing up-and-down on a raft. Many of the best hotels in Grenada are located directly on Grand Anse Beach, and we can’t recommend staying in the area enough.

Six Great Reasons to Visit Grenada - Nutmeg

Spice Up Your Life

Grenada didn’t get the nickname ‘The Spice Island’ for nothing, and the scents of flavorful aromas are known to waft through the island’s warm breezes. Spices like cinnamon, cloves, and allspice are produced en-masse on Grenada, but nothing compares to nutmeg. Around a quarter of the world’s nutmeg comes from Grenada, and a tour of the of one of the island’s numerous nutmeg farms is a highlight of many trips to Grenada.

Six Great Reasons to Visit Grenada - Chocolate

Stately Chocolate

In addition to spices, the lush hills of Grenada are also conducive to cocoa growing. At the stately Belmont Estate, you can visit a real working cocoa plantation, getting a chance to learn about the cocoa harvesting and chocolate-making processes before sampling plenty of decadently-dark organic chocolate.

Six Great Reasons to Visit Grenada - Waterfalls

Wonderful Waterfalls

While the entire Caribbean region is awash in waterfalls, Grenada is blessed with an especially breathtaking set. While the true number of the waterfalls on the island changes by the seasons, a few of the year-round beauties are Annandale Falls – a popular daytrip, easy to reach, featuring a pleasant plunge; Seven Sisters Falls – a dramatic drop off at the end of a hike in the country’s scenic Grand Etang National Park; and Concord Falls – a trio of jaw-dropping falls each more enticing than the next.

Five Great Reasons to Visit Grenada - Roger's Bar

Roger’s Barefoot Bar

No trip to Grenada is complete without a stop at Roger’s Barefoot Bar, one of the most legendary beach bars in the entire Caribbean. Located on the secluded, yet just offshore islet of Hog Island, Roger’s is a no-frills, all-fun affair. Purely running on solar power, the bar comes to life each day around 3pm to serve thirsty travelers and locals alike, even featuring a fun barbecue on Sundays. And in case you hadn’t guessed, you don’t need shoes to get service here.

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