Month: February 2016

Best Places For Caribbean Weddings

While the entire Caribbean is awash in locales that can make any wedding dream come true, there are a few Caribbean wedding destinations that are a slight step above the rest. The best islands in the Caribbean for weddings are ones that are, naturally, packed with region’s signature blend of white sands, lush palms, and crystal clear water, but they also boast both a myriad of options for wedding venues and make saying “I do” a breeze.  

Here are some of the best and a little insight into why they made our list.

The Bahamas


Best Places For Caribbean Weddings

Home to hundreds upon hundreds of idyllic islands, with each one having its own personality and atmosphere, The Bahamas is an ideal place to tie the knot. Everything from opulent nuptials at world famous megaresorts to sandy beach-shack ceremonies are popular options in the Bahamas. Simply put, there is and island for every type of wedding and every type of wedding party in the Bahamas. Getting to the Bahamas is easy, as Nassau is only a two hour flight from NYC, and from there, you can arrange onward transportation to the island of your choice. Paperwork for getting married in the Bahamas is a breeze as well as you won’t need anything elaborate, allowing you to concentrate on having fun and making memories.


St. Lucia


Best Places For Caribbean Weddings - St Lucia

Home to the most iconic pair of mountains in the Caribbean – The towering UNESCO World Heritage Pitons – many couples find tying the knot with these peaks in the background as the perfect symbol for their union. In addition, St. Lucia is synonymous for luxury, with a bevy of resorts that will pamper and impress you and your guests. St. Lucia takes a little more effort to get to than some of the other locales on our list, but it more than makes it up for it with an especially easy wedding process: fees are under a few hundred dollars and you are only required to be on the island  two days before your nuptials.


The American Caribbean (Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands)


Best Places For Caribbean Weddings

For those looking for an especially easy place to get married in the Caribbean – or perhaps a place perfect for arranging on quick notice – the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are both fantastic options. Both are easy to reach by mainland America, and the paperwork involved is just the same as the on the continent.  Puerto Rico blends the best of Spanish colonial culture with lush mountains and wild windswept beaches, while the U.S. Virgin Islands has more of a traditional colorful calypso-style Caribbean feel. The island of St. John on the USVI’s is perfect for secluded ceremonies as a majority of the island is set aside as a natural park and Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan is an enchanting setting as well, as the historic streets of the Old Town simply ooze romance.




Best Places For Caribbean Weddings - Mexico

Mexico’s Caribbean Coast offers a unique mix of Mayan history and mesmerizing white sand beaches, and year-in-year-out is among the most popular places in the Caribbean to get married.  Whether you opt for a graceful resort in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen, or choose for a more secluded locale on an island off the coast, Mexico brings its own brand of lively romance to all nuptials. Mexico makes getting married easy, only requiring that you be in country for three days before the ceremony,  provide a small set of paperwork, and have a blood test prior to the wedding. These facts combined with the unparalleled combination of natural beauty and history, make it hands down one of the best places in the Caribbean to get married.




Best Places For Caribbean Weddings - Jamaica

Jamaica has long been a popular spot to get married in the Caribbean, and with its combination of white sand beaches, teal water,  and terrific range of resorts, it’s easy to see why. The resorts here have decades of experience at making your special day a superb experience, and range from budget-friendly family hotels to A-List luxury hideaways. Getting here is easy as can be as Jamaica is serviced by many international airlines, and while you will need to apply for a marriage license in advance, you can be married a mere 24 hours after arriving on the lush island.  The romance of a ceremony in the the Blue Mountains with a view of the ocean below has long held an allure for couples,  many opt nowadays for a barefoot ceremony in the sand.  


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