Month: June 2015

Our Quick Guide to Colombian Culture

While Colombia is home to a rich history and a bevy of beautiful beaches, to many, it’s the unique Colombian culture that makes people fall in love with this country and come back for more. Two of the most important parts of this unique culture is Colombian food and Colombian music, and here is our quick guide to both.

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Guide to San Andres Island, Colombia

Hands down the most popular of the islands in Colombia, San Andres Island is an absolute oasis set in the Caribbean Sea. Due to it’s location and unique culture, the island isn’t quite as visited as some of its Caribbean cousins (yet), but all it usually takes is one visit for people to become hooked on San Andres Island for life. Here is a quick guide to San Andres Island, Colombia.
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Where to Find the Best Colombian Beaches

While officially located on South American soil, Colombia is a country with one foot firmly planted in the Caribbean. Colombian beaches are perfect for lounging, swimming, and tanning and coupled with the mountainous interior of the country, they make Colombia a special beach getaway. But which strips of sand constitute the best Colombian beaches? Here are a few of our favorites.
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Top 5 Colombia Attractions

A mountainous and green South American country stretching from the Amazon to the Caribbean Sea, Colombia is home to some of the prettiest scenic beaches, mountains, and islands that you will ever see. As a result, Colombia is rising to the forefront of Caribbean travel. Pleasantly surprising nearly everyone who visits, Colombia is perfect for your next visit to the Caribbean, and to help make your day trip research a little easier, here is a collection of the best tourist attractions in Colombia.
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