Month: May 2015

Best Things to Do in Cartagena, Colombia

The pastel plazas and scratched stone of Cartagena, Colombia help this town exude a colorful and faded charm like nowhere else in the Caribbean. Since Cartagena is known for hot days and even hotter nights, you will definitely want to pencil in some time for simply cooling off at the pool or the nearby beach while you are there. Other pursuits abound in this town, however, and in between all the hard work cooling off,  here are the best things to do in Cartagena, Colombia.
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Unmissable Cayman Islands Excursions

While you could be forgiven for staying in the pool at your hotel or lounging on the beach during your entire time on the islands,  we recommend getting out and getting active – at least on one day of your stay. Taking part in one of the Cayman Islands excursions available is a great chance to get moving and see another side of these tranquil islands. While we have talked about diving previously, these Cayman Islands excursions are also destined to be highlights of your trip.

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Cayman Islands Diving Resorts and Best Dive Sites

While the beaches above the sea are a sight to behold in the Cayman Islands, what’s below the sea can be just as impressive. Before you put your wetsuit on and head for the airport, here is a quick guide to some of our favorite Cayman Islands diving resorts and dive sites to get you ready for your trip.

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5 Best Beaches in the Cayman Islands

One thing we can promise you about the Cayman Islands is that you are definitely going to find a beautiful beach worthy of worshiping while you are there. Which one of the beaches in the Cayman Islands is your favorite, though, is completely up to you as each sandy beach is special for its own different reason. Here are our picks for the best beaches in the Cayman Islands.

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