Month: September 2014

Simple St. Lucia Safety and Travel Tips

Not only does the Caribbean island of St. Lucia sound like the definition of an island paradise, it looks like one too. Thanks in part to two of the world’s most breathtaking mountains in its famous twin Pitons, parts of St. Lucia look like they are taken directly off of a computer screensaver. Before you arrive on the island to see it for yourself, there are a few St Lucia safety¬†and travel¬†tips you should be aware of, and that is the topic of today’s blog. Continue reading Simple St. Lucia Safety and Travel Tips

Best Caribbean Waterfalls

When people come back from the Caribbean, in addition to the fun they have had on the beach and at the swim-up bars, they often talk of fun sights they have seen and experiences they have had outside of the resort. Paramount of those sights and experiences is often seeing one of the many Caribbean waterfalls on dazzling display around the region. Waterfalls are such a beautiful and enchanting form of nature, and seeing one of the best Caribbean waterfalls in person will no doubt help make your holiday. Here are our favorites. Continue reading Best Caribbean Waterfalls