Month: August 2014

Best Time to Go to St Martin

Trying to figure out the best time to go to St Martin is a little like trying to find a beautiful beach on the Dutch and French island; you simply can’t go wrong. Depending on how you like to spend your holiday, there may be some times of the year ever-so-slightly better for you than others. Continue reading Best Time to Go to St Martin

Caribbean Events in September

With the summer season coming to an end, the islands of the Caribbean transition into a bit of a slower pace come September. As a result, September has always tended to be a quieter month in the Caribbean as far as festivals and events are concerned. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some really fun things going on. The festivals in September are a bit more laid back than their summertime Carnival-esque counterparts, but they still sizzle. Here are the best Caribbean events in September 2014.

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A Quick Guide of Where to Stay in St. Martin

Visitors to St. Martin have a unique choice facing them when deciding on a place to call home on holiday: which country do I want to stay in? Since St. Martin is divided between the French and the Dutch, you must first choose which country you want to stay in when deciding on where to stay in St Martin. Here is our breakdown of the main differences between Dutch Sint Maarten and French Saint-Martin.

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What to Do in St Martin: The Most Popular and Exciting Activities

To say that St. Martin is a unique island would be an ever-so-slight understatement. Split down the middle between the Dutch and the French and famed for being “the friendly island”, St. Martin is also awash with exciting activities. The island truly is the best of all worlds and here is our list of what to do in St Martin to keep you busy during your vacation. Continue reading What to Do in St Martin: The Most Popular and Exciting Activities

Maho Beach: Everything You Need To Know

Every island in the Caribbean is filled with gorgeous beaches. That’s one of the main reasons why we all love the Caribbean so much, isn’t it? Some beaches are secluded, others are glamorous, some beaches are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, and still some others allow for mind-blowing views of planes landing directly ahead. Ok, maybe there’s only one that’s known for the planes landing, and that’s Maho Beach St. Martin or as some like to call it, “the Airplane Beach”.

Maho Beach in St. Martin is world famous for being a beautiful beach with one crazy twist: airplanes practically land on its sands. Yes, it’s true and here is all you need to know about having fun at Maho Beach, St. Martin, the Caribbean’s “Airplane Beach”. Continue reading Maho Beach: Everything You Need To Know