Month: January 2014

Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has some of the richest history anywhere in the Caribbean. Its unique mix of Spanish-American heritage and awesome natural wonders creates countless sightseeing opportunities that can be found nowhere else in the Caribbean. Here are some of our favorite places to visit in Puerto Rico. Continue reading Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Tourist Traps, Things to Avoid

Like anywhere else in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has its fair share of tourists traps and things to avoid, and we aren’t just talking about a poorly mixed pina colada, the national drink. From the time you arrive in Puerto Rico right on through to the time you leave the island, here are some things to avoid doing or seeing during your trip that will most certainly lead to a more refreshing and happier holiday for everyone in your group. Continue reading Puerto Rico Tourist Traps, Things to Avoid

Puerto La Cruz Travel Tips


Puerto La Cruz has an approximate size of 94 square miles.


Puerto La Cruz has an estimated population of 450,000.


Spanish is the most widely used language in Puerto La Cruz.


The currency in Puerto La Cruz is the Venezuelan Bolívar (VEB). The exchange rate for 1 USD is around Bs.F. 4.30. Most major banks have ATMs.


The electricity in Puerto La Cruz is 110 volts AC, 60Hz. U.S.-style two-pin plugs are the most common.

Attire Etiquette

In business settings, people tend to dress formally despite the heat. But pack a light jacket, because you are bound to encounter some very powerful air conditioners.

Puerto La Cruz General Information


Puerto La Cruz is situated on the northeast coast of Venezuela and is the gateway to a large national park. This port city claims several beautiful beaches in the nearby national park and is a great jumping off point from which to explore Isla Margarita. Recent developments have seen many large shopping centers and hotel resorts spring up around the city which all help to contribute to a feeling that the time is now for Puerto La Cruz.


The temperature in Puerto La Cruz generally ranges between 77°- 82°F. The wettest times of year are from mid-June to mid-July, and from mid-October until the end of the year. Puerto La Cruz lies safely south of the area most commonly affected by hurricanes.

Time Zone

Puerto La Cruz uses the UTC-04:30 time zone, called Venezuelan Standard Time (VET).


Mochima National Park – Visitors can take a boat trip to this large national park and enjoy snorkeling, swimming, or dolphin spotting.







Bird watching


Puinare Beach –  A popular beach with locals and tourists alike, this wide stretch of sand features a restaurant and several vendors.

Naguabo Travel Tips


Naguabo has a total area size of 60 sq miles.


The population of Naguabo is around 27,000.


Spanish and English are the official languages of Naguabo.


The currency in Naguabo is the U.S. Dollar. Avoid carrying larger bills as many businesses will not be able to change them. Credit cards are widely accepted although using them may incur a fee. ATMs can be found in banks and grocery stores although you may be charged a fee or asked to make a donation to a local charity for using them. It is advisable not to carry travelers cheques as these are difficult to exchange.


The electricity in Naguabo is 110 Volts, 60Hz and the power outlets are identical to those found in the U.S. & Canada.

Attire Etiquette

Casual attire is considered standard and lightweight tropical clothing is advised during the day. In the evenings when temperatures drop, you may require a light sweater or jacket. Visitors should be aware that some restaurants and casinos require smart casual clothing in the evening.