Month: March 2012

Anguilla Travel Tips


Antigua is around 14 miles long and 11 miles wide for a total of 108 sq miles.


The population of Anguilla is around 15,000.


English is the most widely used language in Anguilla.


Anguilla’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). The exchange rate for 1 USD is 3.34EC$. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is tied to the US Dollar.

There are several ATMs at the airport, certain shopping malls and several banks in The Valley. It is advisable to take traveler’s cheques in denominations of US Dollars to avoid any additional exchange rate charges and any foreign currency can be exchanged in the capital. US Dollars are also widely accepted as currency around the island and prices when quoted will usually be in USD.


The electricity in Anguilla is 110/220 volts AC, 60Hz and the power outlets are identical to those of the US and Canada.

Attire Etiquette

Beachwear should be confined to beach resorts and hotel swimming pools, whilst topless and nude sunbathing is prohibited. Lightweight cottons are recommended throughout the year due to the high temperatures, whilst waterproofs are advised during the rainy season.